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D. Carlton Rossi

Pierre Elliott Trudeau

“I saw the charter as an expression of my long-held view that the subject of law must be the individual human being; the law must permit the individual to fulfil himself or herself to the utmost.”

ie. "charter" as opposed to "character"


495-429 BCE

Pericles' Funeral Oration - Thucydides' Version

We do not imitate, but are a model to others.

"Our constitution does not copy the laws of neighbouring states; we are rather a pattern to others than imitators ourselves. Its administration favours the many instead of the few; this is why it is called a democracy. If we look to the laws, they afford equal justice to all in their private differences; if no social standing, advancement in public life falls to reputation for capacity, class considerations not being allowed to interfere with merit; nor again does poverty bar the way, if a man is able to serve the state, he is not hindered by the obscurity of his condition. The freedom which we enjoy in our government extends also to our ordinary life. There, far from exercising a jealous surveillance over each other, we do not feel called upon to be angry with our neighbour for doing what he likes, or even to indulge in those injurious looks which cannot fail to be offensive, although they inflict no positive penalty. But all this case in our private relations does not make us lawless as citizens. Against this fear is our chief safeguard, teaching us to obey the magistrates and the laws, particularly such as regard the protection of the injured, whether they are actually on the statute book, or belong to that code which, although unwritten, yet cannot be broken without acknowledged disgrace."


Justin Trudeau

“There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go green, we need to start, you know, investing in solar. There is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about: having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting.”

Homer's first work was an epic comedic poem called Margites (700 BCE). The central character Margites means something like "Impetuous". He apparently rushed into many undertakings without having the requisite knowledge or understanding, for he was an exceptionally ignorant and naive man. Naturally he got himself into a series of ridiculous situations.



The CCP promises to support private enterprises, but emphasizes that the party "leads everything"



Mao Zedong vowed to eliminate China's capitalists. Deng Xiaoping said that this group of people can get rich.

Today, China’s current leader Xi Jinping has sent a message to China’s private enterprises that reflect the driving economic growth and more Communist Party control: We are here to help you, but you must also help and listen to us.

On a broader level, these instructions reflect a long-standing debate within China: in a country where key industrial tools are still controlled by the government, what role private enterprises play. To a large extent, China has become a world economic power by letting entrepreneurs open factories and find markets around the world.

The guidelines say that companies must establish party organizations, which means that the company’s internal Communist Party committee will be more active. Entrepreneurs should accept guidance to ensure their "political, ideological, and emotional identity" with the Chinese Communist Party.


                       To Do the Right or Wrong Thing

There is no longer to be a private enterprise in China because it must serve the Party. It must serve the Party rather than the People. The People and the Party are not the same thing. The Party is above and outside the People. The CCP is not the People's Party. It is the Chinese Communist Party.

In the case of Dawu Group (which is a private company) a trademark was infringed upon regarding a strain of chicken developed by the Group. A similar thing happened to its brand of Five Grain Liquor. The message to the company is either toe the line or we will seize what you have. Of course, it is not outside the realm of possibility that the Party could seize everything--both intangible intellectual property as well as tangible property.

Dawu Group does not need the Party for assistance. Its assets might be estimated to be worth 17 billion Cdn. It has no debt. It funnels its profits into social enterprises such as an hospital, sports stadium and temples etc. The company has created a model city ie. it leads by example through Confucianism and not by edict. Its people are its wealth and it serves the people. The company doesn't need to tell its workers to listen. The workers tell the company what to do through democratic elections. The growth rate of the company has been 30% for the last 15 years with the exception of today's COVID year. To put it another way, the Party needs Dawu Group and other private enterprises more than they need the Party.

Why would private enterprises which have fuelled China's double-digit growth for the last thirty years listen to a government regarding how to do business? The government's State-Owned Enterprises were not the driving engine of China's growth. They managed only 3% growth which equalled the rate to borrow money. They are leveraged to the hilt.

While in appearance the Dawu Group's Private Entrepreneurial Constitutional System and its model city applies to rural China because it cannot be freely expressed otherwise; nevertheless, it can be construed to to be applicable to all of China with regard to the economy, society and constitutional based order. It is nothing less than a social revolution centered on the People, based on Confucianism (and now esoteric Buddhism) and utilizing ethical capitalism. It is a system based on actual practice over the last sixteen years rather than theory.

The system could also offer a blueprint to Canada. Look at how the minority Liberal government has been struggling with various viewpoints over the last month in a possible pre-election Throne Speech rather than a Budget.

1. They have considered a basic income program to all Canadians (to buy votes), but discovered that it can't be afforded without massive debt and hyperinflation. No one at Dawu Group is given anything. They earn it.

2. The government wants to establish a Green Program to counter climate change and create jobs. This sounds too much like the State-Owned Enterprise system in China which is centrally run, but on a much smaller scale for the subsidization of private enterprises and supply management. Pierre Trudeau actually nationalized an oil company to go in the opposite direction regarding environmental protection. At Dawu Group, a high priority was placed on environmentally friendly sustainable tourism.

3. The government wants to make the health of Canadians the priority during the COVID-19 crisis, but the hospital and health care infrastructure has deteriorated for decades with the federal and provincial governments at odds . The Dawu hospital gives free medical care to all workers and their families and has recently extended benefits to residents of the nearby village of Langwuzhuang.

4. The government prorogued Parliament some say to allow the WE Charity scandal to die down. How many governments do you know that have had a scandal regarding a charity of all things where the Prime Minister's family has received payments? The Dawu Group has given assistance to victims of the Sichuan earthquake and volunteered to send 200 medical staff to Wuhan during the COVID-19 crisis. Its modern nineteen story hospital has been built in the last five years to serve the community.

In short, the top-down government model in Canada resembles that of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The Canadian government connives and contrives with the CCP which has no legal principle because the Liberal Party has no moral principle. It has chosen to emulate authoritarianism rather than a model of the people, by the people and for the people as represented in the Dawu model. The Liberal Party had a binary choice between authoritarianism and constitutionalism in China and Canada. It chose the former. Because of this egregious error it was forced to fire its Ambassador to China for his comments on the legal process in Canada and was forced to fire its Attorney General because she chose to defend the law. To say that the government was unaware of the choice would be disingenuous because the author presented it to them on numerous occasions and in many forms.

Diane Francis: China's waging a global tech war, but our political leaders seem unaware

It’s embarrassing that Huawei hasn't been banned outright already, given the fact Canada was one of its first casualties

National Post

Diane Francis

Sep 17, 2020

Canada’s failure to take action against Huawei, or work with its allies to counter the Chinese threat, is inexcusable considering that Nortel, the Canadian company that was a pioneer of cellular technologies, was Huawei’s first target. As a Bloomberg investigative piece — headlined, Did a Chinese Hack Kill Canada’s Greatest Tech Company? — documented in July, there is now a large body of evidence that Huawei stole intellectual property from the once-mighty Canadian telecom giant, and drove it out of business.


                     Ab absurdum ad nauseum

Let's give Trudeau the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he didn't learn these things in the school of hard knocks as a bouncer at a bar. Maybe he was getting a sun tan on the Aga Khan's island. Maybe he thought Nortel was the English translation of Huawei. Maybe he confused Japan with China as he did at his meeting with Prime Minister Abe on April 28, 2019.

There is only one word that comes to mind with regard to Justin Trudeau's China Policy. It is "Nausea". It is "Nausea" in an existentialist sense as conveyed by Jean Paul Sartre in the title of his novel by the same name. It is defined as a "sweetish sickness".

Imagine how Huawei "stole intellectual property" from Nortel which led to the bankruptcy of the company. Then, Huawei sells its telecommunications system to Canadian companies. This potentially threatens the security of these systems through back-door programs. The billion dollar Huawei infrastructure may be ripped out of Canadian telecoms as the Minority Government is sending out trial balloons before a probable election. The head-nodders of Trudeau have to decide who will pay the bill. Will it be Canadians or Les Canadiens ie. either the taxpayers or customers?

At the same time, Mdme Meng who is COO of Huawei is fighting extradition to the US while Canada terminates a proposed extradition treaty with China in return for "free trade" and ends its extradition treaty with Hong Kong leaving 300,000 ex-pat Canadians under Rule by Law while Kovrig and Spavor are held hostage in mainland China where any Canadian may be arrested for any reason. It's all cognitive dissonance resulting in NAUSEA.

                      Ignorance and Ignoramuses

You, Mr. Trudeau, made a fundamental miscalculation regarding foreign policy. You assumed you couldn't win votes in an election based on foreign policy. That may be true; although, it is not God's truth. However, you failed to consider how you might lose an election based on your foreign policy which metamorphosed into domestic policy. Your China policy could cost you an election. Don't worry. You might run for Presidente de Cuba.

Ordinary Canadians don't understand about the pros and cons of free-trade with China, extradition treaties, the Huawei threat, the reasons behind the arrest of Kovrig and Spavor, the origin of fentanyl and the new security laws in Hong Kong etc. What they viscerally understand though is having to wear a Chinese mask for COVID-19 which originated in Wuhan, China. They understand how there was a cover-up in China which allowed for the virus to spread rapidly. Canadians now know that the agreement between the government and CanSino Bio for the development of a vaccine fell through thus eliminating any hope they might have. Canadians were informed by an intrepid reporter that the early warning system instituted in 2004 for infectious diseases was terminated six months before novel coronavirus emerged. It was the author who reported its dismantlement two weeks before Dr. Qiu was escorted out of the National Microbiology Lab Level 4 Biosecurity. They are reminded every day that the number of Canadians killed from the virus is approaching twice the number who died in China.

Canadians understand that Trump understood the threat of COVID-19 as early as February 7th according to the Woodward revelations. They also understand that your ambassador to Beijing was reporting to the House Committee that some of his staff were informing him (based on minutes of the China-Canada House Committee meeting of February 5th ) that there was a serious problem in Wuhan which potentially could spread world-wide. However, a couple of days later you were on your way to Africa in order to secure a seat on the Security Council for unknown reasons. In other words, Trump knew of the threat and then ignored it. You should have known about the threat, but seemed ignorant of it. Canadians are aware that you delayed dealing with the virus until it came from Europe possibly through a WE Charity event in London to your household.

Trump Is Wrong about TikTok. China's Plans Are Much More Sinister.

The West still doesn't understand the scale of Beijing's soft-power ambitions.

Yi-Zheng LIAN

September 17, 2020

China’s move to establish physical footholds around the world is easy enough to recognize as evidence of a coherent game plan, in part because those perches are readily marked on a map and because other major powers positioned themselves in much the same way in the past. Beijing has also bragged about these projects — and its intentions — by giving them grand monikers like the Belt and Road Initiative.

Not so with its soft-power ambitions, whose growth has been much less noticed — at least until President Trump started picking a fight with Beijing. And yet these are much more intrusive, and potentially far more dangerous.

The Chinese government is essentially forward-deploying and setting up various outposts within the United States and other developed democratic countries, in classrooms, boardrooms and bedrooms.


China, Once Germany's Partner in Growth, Turns Into a Rival

Tom Fairless

Dow Jones News

September 17 2020

For many German exporters, this doesn't just mean that selling in China is becoming more difficult. It also means Chinese companies are popping up more as rivals elsewhere. One firm that is feeling the pain is Herrenknecht AG.

Many German executives still see China as their largest market. Yet in private, they say they are running out of patience with bureaucratic obstacles, forced technology transfers, subsidies and assorted protectionist barriers long seen as the price for accessing the market. Some are calling for Berlin to mimic President Trump's tough approach to Beijing.

Norbert Röttgen, a political ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel who chairs Parliament's foreign affairs committee, said China would only need Germany as long as Germany retained its technological edge.

"My fear is that this window is closing, China is progressing in achieving more and more technological leadership, and we are stagnating, " he said.


Joe Oliver: Austerity straw man can't hide Trudeau’s plan for fiscal ruin

Trudeau hell-bent on irreversibly altering Canadian economy and society to achieve his big-government, socialist ideology

Special to Financial Post & Joe Oliver

September 09, 2020

Canadians are middle-of-the-road, commonsensical people who want to address injustice and poverty but above anything else are concerned about the welfare of their families. They are not radical, yet they find themselves governed by a scandal-ridden prime minister who no longer feigns moderation. He is hell-bent on irreversibly altering the Canadian economy and society to achieve his big-government, socialist ideology. The overarching political question is whether he can successfully bribe voters with their own money to buy into his radical vision.


In 2015, Trudeau ran on the platform of supporting the middle-class. He is now wants to eliminate the middle class. I repeat. It is time to defund the government and downsize it.

Expansion of the money supply and credit is the very definition of inflation. Ignore the contrived definition of inflation as rising prices. Rising prices are an effect of inflation and not a cause. To expand the money supply to the extent Trudeau wishes is inflationary theft from the middle class.

Trudeau wants only two classes in a socialist system which are an upper and lower class (rich and poor) of which he is part of the upper privileged ruling class. He has never really represented the middle-class. He is the patron saint of minorities who have been over represented in his administration. Effectively, he wishes the upper class to be an elitist minority. If you are in the middle-class majority then you will be effectively eliminated if you allow yourselves to be bought off at the polls with your own money!

Unlimited borrowing and spending of the government contravenes The Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982). Specifically, under Section 7, it deprives individuals of the right to life, liberty and security of the person. It places individuals in a financial straight jacket from which they cannot escape. Furthermore, the restrictions and controls extend to future generations.

The forthcoming plan of a prorogued, minority government enmeshed in a charity scandal to borrow and spend its way to prosperity is a Ponzi Scheme. It is a form of fraud. Trudeau may not expect a constitutional crisis, but now he may have one. Daddy doesn't like it.


9月4日 13:08 来自 iPhone 11 Pro Max


Sun Dawu

September 4th 13:08 from iPhone 11 Pro Max

Sun Dawu: Control capital and put the power of the boss in a cage!


Moderate capital and equal land rights are the two basic principles of Sun Yat-sen's people's livelihood. The moderation of capital refers to restricting capital and private capital in developed countries to prevent them from manipulating the national economy and people's livelihood. This is a political proposition. I am a business enterprise, and the control of capital I said is to restrict the power of the boss.


The people before the person

现将《最高人民法院 最高人民检察院 公安部关于依法适用正当防卫制度的指导意见》予以印发,请认真贯彻执行。



The "Guiding Opinions of the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, and the Ministry of Public Security on the Application of the Legal Defense System in accordance with the law" are hereby printed and distributed. Please implement them carefully.

August 28, 2020

In order to accurately apply the legitimate defense system in accordance with the law, safeguard the citizens’ legitimate defense rights, encourage courage to do what is right, promote social righteousness, and integrate socialist core values ​​into criminal justice work, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China. Provisions, combined with actual work, formulate this opinion.


The Guiding Opinions are everything they ought to be, but aren't in reality.

It is highly likely that Dawu Group will take its trademark case to the Supreme Court. This is based on the merits of its position and the strength of its legal team which are unquestionably the best in China.

                          Without Early Warning

Grant Robertson's report is well researched and articulated. He is correct in his conclusion that without early warning one cannot have early response; notwithstanding, early warning can take many forms. The author has only one thing to add to the report. The date of May 24, 2019 may have more significance with respect to the end of the early alert system.

Dr. QIU Xiangguo and KEDING Cheng along with an unknown number of students from China were removed from the Level 4 virology facility at the National Microbiology Laboratory (NMB) on July 5. The level-4 virology facility is equipped to work with the most serious and deadly human and animal diseases such a Ebola. It is a fact though that the "Manitoba RCMP started an investigation after the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) contacted them on May 24". This was the same date the alert system ended with its last report of Ebola in Uganda. It appears this may have been part of an on-going investigation by the RCMP which began after Ebola and Henipah viruses were shipped to Beijing outside of proper procedure and paperwork on March 31, 2019.

Was there some kind of international alert that should have been made regarding the National Microbiology Lab but was covered up by the closure of the early alert system? Should an international alert have been sent out about the March 31, 2019 shipment to Beijing as soon as it had taken place, but which might become disclosed after May 24, 2020 with a more intense RCMP investigation? Why were Risk Group 4 pathogens sent to a non-Level 4 biosecurity facility in Beijing rather than the Level 4 Lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)? There are too many questions and not enough answers as to what exactly went on with regard to intellectual property, biological weapons' grade viruses and the National Microbiology Lab.

Furthermore, is there a connection between several shipments of viruses over a period of time (which probably included coronaviruses) to China and the National Research Council's partnership with CanSino BIO with respect to clinical trials and manufacturing of a vaccine in Canada at a much later date? If a coronavirus was shipped to the WIV then was it similar to the novel coronavirus which emerged in Wuhan at the end of December 2019? These possibilities need to be examined in detail and results disclosed to the public!

One can understand why these issues have not been explored to date. They may involve three governments; namely, Canada, China and the United States (which provided funding) in terms of national security. The issues involve both Conservative and Liberal governments in Canada which had different priorities regarding science, funding and domestic priorities. In addition, Dr. Qiu is a well respected scientist who became involved with Canadian virology institutions in 2004 following the SARS outbreak in Beijing and who also was the key player in designing the ZMapp for Ebola treatment which was refined by Canadian scientists. All of this might have become mute had there not been an outbreak of novel coronavirus which was SARS-like and which had mutated genomes of Ebola and HIV (for which there is no cure) leading to a world-wide pandemic.

With nearly 9000 deaths from COVID-19 in Canada and soon to double the number of known deaths in China it is imperative that Canadians understand what exactly took place in the Level 4 Lab at the NML. It is necessary to understand exactly why the National Research Council of Canada decided to partner exclusively with CanSino BIO of Tianjin to fund clinical trials and vaccine manufacturing in Canada when the outbreak started in China. It is rather inexplicable why Minister Navdeep Bains put all his eggs in one basket and then didn't watch the basket when shipments were delayed from China. Why hasn't he approved any other funding application like the one submitted by Providence Therapeutics of Toronto for its promising technology of an mRNA vaccine which would diversify the risk faced by Canadians in relying on a single source vaccine?



Just when I thought it couldn't get worse it got more worse. Canada has entered a partnership with a Chinese firm to support trials and manufacturing in Canada but shipments have been delayed from China since the end of May. What exactly are these shipments--hamsters or mice? Has anyone reminded the government it is now July 26, 2020? Is the government's idea of a partnership to pay money for the benefit of a foreign company in China? Didn't they learn through the debacle when they bought masks from China? China withheld valuable information regarding COVID-19 at the beginning of the outbreak in Wuhan. Now, a shipment has been withheld or delayed which amounts to a similar thing from China to Canada. Who trusts China except the WHO who can't be trusted?

Reprinted analysis based on new examination of cancellation of early warning system and arrival of COVID-19 six months later without warning.

We do have an intelligence service, don't we?

One wonders in light of the Ortis revelations regarding the RCMP and the Ranger who allegedly targeted the PM near Rideau Hall

Recently, I did a quick search of world-wide COVID-19 deaths. I entered the following terms on a Canadian browser. "world-wide COVID deaths John Hopkins" What I got instead was rather surprising.

I was directed to the following address: https://globalsecurity.tradepub.com/

It offers a Government Research Library. It bills itself as "The top resource for free Government research, white papers, reports, case studies, magazines, and eBooks offered through GlobalSecurity.org." It reminded me of a line from Vergil's Aeneid. "
Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes"

The site also offered me free daily reports if I provided an email address or I could purchase data for a fee. So, I proved I wasn't a robot and then was directed to a page apparently sponsored by a particular on-line, Chinese newspaper written in English and Chinese characters.

I could also apply for a job if I had or have security clearance. However, I had to meet the following requirements. I was an American citizen. I had security clearance in the last two years. I had security clearance now. Potentially, of course, it could target Canadian citizens who had or have security clearance. Later, I was asked to provide more information concerning personal details.

All of this is raising red flags to me. The site has a list of countries. Naturally, I click on Canada. To paraphrase what is said, it implies the United States does not have to provide security to Canada, but it does so out of its own national interest. One could apply this reasoning to the American citizen who may have security clearance and may act in his own self interest. I am surprised to see the representation of our Canadian flag. It has a marijuana leaf in the center replacing our maple leaf. Are they really appealing to American, Canadian or dual citizens who may be stoned and have such a debased sense of humor and disrespect for our Canadian flag?

I have often said that Canada is the soft underbelly to secure information on highly classified American information. I can't say if this site is one of them or not. I am not that intelligent. However, it seems a small step to go from where the distinction between free and fee is blurred or it is unclear if one is getting information or one may be trading it for a fee.

                         Theater of the Absurd

"The CanSino Biologics vaccine intended for phase one clinical trials has not been approved by Chinese customs for shipment to Canada."

trans. The Chinese government most probably gave directional guidance (orders) to Chinese customs to disapprove the shipment.

"Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne downplayed suggestions the vaccine partnership failed because of ongoing political tensions between the two countries. “I don’t necessarily think so,” Champagne told reporters Thursday."

trans. I don't necessarily think. What has failed, he did not say, is the ability and willingness of the Canadian government to protect our democracy, our country and our citizens.

"I would not necessarily link whether that particular opportunity is linked to anything else.”

trans. I don't necessarily think to link nor ought it be necessary for you to think to link any thought to any other thought.

Relations have been sour since the Chinese detained Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor in apparent retaliation for the RCMP’s arrest of Chinese high-tech executive Meng Wanzhou trans.

Relations have been in the sewer. One ought nought necessarily  link the thought that the two Michaels were kidnapped to the thought that Wanzhou was arrested nor to have any thought it might be linked to anything else.

Dr. Halperin of the Canadian Centre for Vaccinology said “We thought the shipment would be coming any day...".

trans. of a translation. We thought it would come until it didn't come three months later and then we didn't give a thought about it nor should anybody else. You ought not have any thought as to why we entered into the agreement in the first place with the arrest of the two Michaels nor think to make a link between an agreement between Canada and a Chinese company to develop a vaccine with the circumstance that the virus itself originated in China.

One ought not to think there may be any link necessarily between the appearance of a novel coronavirus and the development of a necessary treatment. Nay, don't link unnecessarily nor should you ought to have any thought about the WHO's tweet on January 14th that "preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus" with the seemingly premature announcement by the Wuhan Institute of Virology on January 21st concerning the filing of a Remdesivir usage patent which could provide treatment for the coronavirus.


From SARS to Swine Flu

It may be useful if the author begins by providing a perspective of the food industry in China and then Canada. During 2003 he was in Beijing during the SARS crisis. A large restaurant had just opened for business. They had two larger than life floral displays at the front of their store. The displays must each have been more than his monthly salary. However, with SARS they had absolutely no customers. After two months those flowers wilted and the restaurant was out of business.

The staff of the Canadian and U.S. embassies had left Beijing which was the epicentre of SARS. The author remained there. To fully understand matters it is necessary to relate where the author taught at that particular time of early spring 2003. He was teaching at the Graduate School of CASS in Chaoyuan District where he also lived. Across the street from his apartment was another large restaurant. The restaurant was next to the Youth Communist League where he also taught. The entire restaurant was emptied and filled with SARS patients. This newly created hospital was one of the main treatment sites in Beijing--the other being the Army hospital on the outskirts. In other words, the author was at Ground Zero of the SARS pandemic.

When the schools closed down he then bused to Langwuzhuanren, Hebei. SARS was still raging. Before he entered the sealed off village he was given an x-ray and a full battery of tests. He had moved to Dawu Group in the countryside about May 19th. Incidentally, the SARS crisis ended in June. Normally, he ate at the student cafeteria. That cafeteria remained open. He was actually given the privilege of visiting the kitchen and picking out his own food. All that sense of normality ended the day Sun Dawu, his brothers and his executive were placed under formal arrest. The author was place under house arrest for three days. During that time the hotel staff brought restaurant meals to his room. He left them uneaten outside of the door. He had gone on a hunger strike. It was in protest of the arrest of the key employees--and his friend Sun Dawu. 

Skipping ahead,  at the beginning of 2019, he was in Canada at the time of the African Swine Flu crisis in China. Hemorrhagic fever infected millions of pigs in China and a few people. While restaurants in China were not serving pork there was no restriction of sales at Chinese restaurants in Canada; so, he was trying out the menu of a Chinese restaurant. He ordered pork. The problem was it didn't taste like pork. He can't report here what it tasted like, but it wasn't pork with which he was familiar. By the way, that was the same restaurant that had had a mysterious kitchen fire about a month earlier. He never visited the restaurant again after the pork incident.

A few days passed and he went to the supermarket. There on the shelf, for the first time, he saw Chinese pork. All writing on the packages was in Mandarin. At first, he thought it was strange. There is a swine flu crisis in China and here on a Canadian shelf is a Chinese pork product. It must be okay because it must have passed Canadian inspection at the border. Then, the story became even stranger.

Into the store pranced three young men. The leader looked as if he owned the store. The second was his henchman. The younger one looked guilty. It was just as if the author was in China. They were definitely not customers as they walked through the store as if on parade. And there they were behind him as the author was looking at the Chinese pork!

The author's belief is that the pork was planted there. They hoped he would pick up one or two packages because the pork was at a discounted price. He believes it was contaminated pork. He did not purchase it.

It is the author's opinion, that these thugs were sent by someone who did not like his report on the Swine Flu Crisis in China. It talked about the abnormal situation in Hebei Province where the Dawu Group farming enterprise was hit by swine flu. The Group buried 15,000 swine. Yet, swine flu usually is transmitted in clusters. The swine flu at Dawu Group was the first instance in Hebei Province and seemingly an isolated incident. SUN Dawu accused the Chinese government of being silent on the outbreak of swine flu at his farm. His blog was silenced on February 22, 2019 after his views were published in the New York Times.

And who is currently giving the author threatening calls? There have been roughly 10 calls to date. He claims he is a Chinese restaurant owner. He claims I had a meal for $250 and ate Canadian crab (a bottom scavenger). He wants compensation for the meal. He is trying to extort money from me and threatening me in the same instance. The author doesn't record his calls nor report them because there is no need to do so.

The author knows everyone else is listening to his calls. That knowledge comes from surviving in authoritarian China for twenty years over a thirty year period and over two years in authoritarian Saudi Arabia. He knows that they know. They all know--if not, they are incompetent.

In conclusion, the author doesn't eat any food from China. He simply doesn't know what it is. He doesn't trust it. Maybe it's pangolin from the Wuhan Seafood Market. He has ceased eating at Chinese restaurants. You might say that he has Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.

                         Redaction and Prorogation

The Official Opposition has justifiably complained about their inability to examine redacted documents concerning WE Charity because Parliament along with its Committees have been prorogued by a rogue PM.

However, the prorogation has potentially an unintended effect which no one to date has referred to. Meng Wanzhou's lawyers have requested--prior to prorogation--that RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency files be unredacted. It seems that may not be possible during prorogation which continues for five weeks. It also seems only a matter of time before one of Mdme Meng's five law firms brings to the court's attention that redaction of files pertaining to WE Charity followed by prorogation is referred to by the Opposition as a cover-up. Therefore, the law firm may ask if the government conducts a cover-up of their misconduct in the Meng case through the redaction of files along with missing files and is it exacerbated by prorogation?

It is a sad day when "We" has become "WE"

1. At the Ethics Committee hearing Trudeau persistently and deliberately used the pronoun "We" which confused the viewer as to whether he was talking about "We" the government or "WE" Charity or for that matter We Canadians.

2. WE Charity belatedly registered as a lobbyist. It begs two questions "Should our Prime Minister and Finance Minister have registered themselves as lobbyists for WE Charity in April 2020? Should Trudeau, today, belatedly by-pass the Ethics Committee and register himself as a lobbyist for WE Charity?

Trump and Trudeau differ only in degree

1. The President admitted he misused funds raised by the Donald J. Trump Foundation to promote his presidential bid and pay off business debts.

2. Critics denounced the WE Charity campaign-style ad for Justin Trudeau amid PM's scandal over charity.

3. Trump's handling of the coronavirus issue and dividing America while undermining constitutional democracy places him alongside Andrew Jackson who was also impeached. Johnson is regarded as one of the worst presidents in part because of his gross incompetence.

4. Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister based on the Trudeau name. However, he may be judged by history as one of Canada's worst prime ministers for his incompetence during the COVID-19 crisis within a Great Recession. His incompetence is on par with Prime Minister Richard Bennett who was also Minister of Finance and Receiver General as well as Foreign Minister during some of the early years of the Great Depression. It was said at the time that he only listened to his Ministers of Finance and Foreign Affairs. Bennett had promised to end unemployment, but his laissez-faire policies had little effect.

5. According to Ivanka Trump her father's hairstyle is "the result of scalp-reduction ¬surgery, and careful styling held in place by strong hairspray". In this case, vanity is an aspect of narcissism. An general example would be that he thinks he knows better than anyone.

6. Trudeau places an inordinate importance on appearance over substance. A simple hair flip as a sign of affectation garners affection from his supporters. In this case, vanity is symptom of Machiavellianism. Someone who is Machiavellian believes it is not unacceptable to use immoral behaviour to reach political goals. Trudeau has now been accused of ethics violations on three occasions. However, Trudeau is not without morals, but as a moral relativist he believes that his morals based on his upbringing are superior to others.

7. Trump has shown an admiration for dictators such as Xi and Putin because he wants absolute power. For example, he co-operated and co-ordinated with Putin to influence the results of the US election and in turn favoured Putin by trying to corrupt a newly elected President of the Ukraine in what amounted to extortion by withholding arms sales approved by Congress.

8. Trudeau has shown an admiration for dictators such as Xi and Castro for what they can do rather than how they do it. In his own words he said "a level of admiration I actually have for China, because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime...". He fundamentally misunderstands Communism and seems to believe it is some kind of benevolent Socialism which is basically what his progressive Liberalism has become.


                         Who is left in China?

A significant number of wealthy or capable Chinese have already left the country. Many of these are members of the CCP. It is highly probable that most CCP members who left the country are still members of the Party.

In 2010, a professor in the Central Party School of the CCP revealed that 1.18 million spouses and children of Chinese officials have settled abroad. If the woman who has left is not a CCP member she is at least supportive of her husband who is a member. The author has known several Party members whose spouses and children have left for the United States or Canada.

Basically, the Party regards the spouses and children as guarantees for the good behaviour of the husband who remains behind in China. Often, the woman will officially get a divorce when she is abroad, but de facto remain married to her husband in China. Chinese marriage rarely begins with love. However, in these special cases it may begin as a marriage of convenience and end as a divorce of convenience.

The CCP promised to eradicate poverty by 2020. That is one year before the 100th anniversary of the CCP in 2021. However, as of August 18, 2020 there are approximately 92,000,000 people living in poor conditions. Simply put, there are more people living in poor conditions than members of the Communist Party who number 90.59 million.

China will grow stronger as the American Dream ends. However, it will be harder for its government to further reduce the number of people who live in poor conditions. For example, Wuhan might be considered the center of China--it certainly is the transportation hub. Yet, poverty and unemployment are not insignificant in this city. Flooding of the Yangtze River along with the release of the COVID-19 virus in Wuhan exacerbates problems of the urban poor. Let us not forget that the Xinhai Revolution which overthrew the Imperial Dynasty began in the Wuchang District of Wuhan in October 1911.

China has had a history of civil war and revolution which the Communist Party encourages people to disremember. What the middle-class will remember though is that it gave up a desire for freedom during reform and opening with the promise of increase in wealth. If the increase is not forthcoming or is actually declining because of slower growth it bodes serious problems for the Party. It may be said that the French Revolution of 1789 was bourgeois in character as understood by Karl Marx with respect to historical development.





                           Three Gorges Dam

Who has faith in Science these days or is that an oxymoron for morons? The Chinese government never really was concerned about two fault zones; otherwise, why would they have built a reservoir and dam at Three Gorges? At the time, they seemed obsessed with building the biggest project. This obsession continues with the building of dams world-wide under One Belt One Road. (一带一路 ) which began in 2013 or just one year after turbines were installed at Three Gorges.

The main purpose of the dam is to produce electricity. A secondary purpose is to reduce floods downstream through a flood space reservoir. Despite the latter purpose there has been severe flooding downstream in the last two months. If the dam were to break due to a series of earthquakes then the Yangtze would flood an area affecting 400 million people who live downstream.

The author is reminded of the movie called A Bridge Too Far. It was based on comments attributed to Lieutenant General Frederick Browning who is reported to have said "I think we may be going a bridge too far". It was with respect to the intention of seizing the Arnhem bridgehead over the Rhine river in 1944. The author says "I think they may be going a dam too far at Three Gorges". Incidentally, the author saw the first construction of the dam which began in 1994 and followed its progress through another two visits.

The Chinese government has tried to control or stop the people. Their pent up anger will burst. The Chinese government has failed to channel or stop water through dams. With global warming the reservoirs are at an all time high. If Three Gorges burst it will affect 400 million people downstream. Human nature and mother nature are uncontrollable and unstoppable forces.

用石头挡住河来过河。 Crossing the river by blocking it with stones.



                        Four Strikes You're Out?

It takes three strikes you're out if one plays by the rules--perhaps four strikes if one doesn't play by the rules.

1. Gerald Butts resigned as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's principal secretary. The resignation "comes amid allegations that senior members of the PMO pressured former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to help Quebec-based multinational engineering firm SNC-Lavalin avoid criminal prosecution on bribery and fraud charges in relation to contracts in Libya."

2. WE Charity could have received as much as $43 million for meeting the commitments it agreed to when it took on the administration of a $900 million student grant program.

3. An eighty-four million dollar contract was given to MCAP which is the employer of the husband of Katie Telford who is the current principal secretary to the Prime Minister.

What do all three unusual and irregular circumstances have in common? The two word answer is Justin Trudeau.

The Bloc has called for the resignation of Trudeau, Telford and also Morneau (who played a role in the WE scandal).

Are three strikes enough though to remove Trudeau? The author wants to know all the details of the government's contract with CanSino BIO for the development and manufacture of a COVID-19 vaccine. When was it signed? Was it undertaken through a competitive process or was it similar to the single source WE deal? Did it in any way, shape or form directly or indirectly involve QIU Xiangguo and her husband CHENG Keding who were escorted by the RCMP out of the Level 4 Biosecurity Lab of the National Microbiology Laboratory? Did any Canadian government official own shares of CanSino Biologics whose recent stock offering on the Shanghai Exchange went up 90% in a single day despite its being unable to send COVID-19 vaccine samples to Canada for analysis due to circumstances beyond its control?


Deng's Dream becomes Xi's Nightmare

It may be said by the author that Dawu Village-City was the author's home away from home on the mainland. Outside of the mainland, he has visited Hong Kong 50 times. It had been the author's home away from home outside of the mainland. He supported protests in Hong Kong to oppose an Extradition Treaty.

However, the new Security Law of Hong means he will never visit Hong Kong again. Simply put, he could be extradited to mainland China which he will not willingly visit either. You do remember the case of the Canadian XIAO Jianhua who was spirited away from his Hong Kong hotel to the mainland without either Extradition Treaty or Security Law?

If you don't remember Xiao then you will know about Kovrig and Spavor who were "kidnapped" and held for ransom on the mainland. What is our minority government's position on 300,000 Canadians in Hong Kong who could potentially be arrested? You say that is not very likely. Well, the new Security Law criminalizes subversion, secession, foreign interference and terrorism. In other words, Canadians in Hong Kong could be arrested for practically anything and sent to a mainland prison. There may be only one Canadian working in Hong Kong who is safe. Can you guess who it is?

To Hit the Stone with a Pebble


8月11日 10:44 来自 iPhone 11 Pro Max


Sun Dawu

10:44 on August 11 from iPhone 11 Pro Max


The historical record is very clear, Langwuzhuang people are very humiliated!

Hit the stone with a pebble: Dawu Group also loses the first instance against the Ministry of Rural Affairs

07-31 13:24

                 To Hit the Stone with a Pebble

The expression "To Hit the Stone with a Pebble" is a common Chinese idiom. It reflects the frustration felt by a person who wants to hit back at a stone with a smaller pebble or mass. It doesn't move the stone, but rather bounces off. The Dawu Group is trying to legally contest an imitation strain of chicken called "Jinfeng No. 6" which has allegedly infringed on their trademark of the "Dawu Golden Phoenix". However, the Group is told by The Third Intermediate People's Court that the Group has no interest in the issue even though they purchased the rights in 2004 to develop the strain, spent 20 million yuan and later trademarked the strain a decade later. The Group's pebble bounced off the stone of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Third Intermediate People’s Court.

Generally speaking, the concept of intellectual property in China is rather complex, abstract and not easily understood by the majority of farmers. The Group therefore is linking the issue with the bigger issue of land reform. Historically, real property or land had been seized at Langwuzhuangren where Dawu Group is located which amounts to 1600 mu1 which have no formalities of proof. The circumstances are highly controversial and one might go as far to say "freakish". Seizures of property (land) without adequate or no compensation are common among farmers in rural China both in the past and present. This means therefore that a rather abstract, complex and local issue of intellectual property infringement may become a national issue involving land reform.

A commonplace method in China to express dissatisfaction with regard to property seizures is through protests. Mostly, they are local affairs and are not coordinated nationally. Peaceful protests though run the danger of becoming violent especially if overwhelming force is applied to suppress them. Might there be an effective way though for a pebble to hit the stone?

A grain of sand propelled at a high speed will move if not breakdown a stone. This is the principle behind sandblasting. If you wish to restore the looks of your house you use sand propelled at high velocity against the old brickwork. A droplet of water can be used in the same fashion to cut through the strongest materials.

This reminds the author of experiments conducted once a year at the Haldron Collider of CERN. The collider accelerates protons at close to the speed of light. By looking at how these particles react when they hit other particles coming in the opposite direction may provide clues as to the origin of the universe in the Big Bang Theory. This theory suggests that time was created when the singularity (much smaller than a pebble) expanded and went through an inflation phase.

Many cultures have a creation myth or explanation of the beginning of time and space. Xu Zheng recorded the myth of Pangu during the Three Kingdoms period in China. In this version, a formless primordial state coalesced into a Cosmic Egg from which Pangu emerged. He separated yin and yang by raising the sky and making the earth thicker. At his death, the Sun became his right eye and his head the Moon while his muscles transformed into fertile land. However, according to the scholar Wei Juxian, the story originally derives from a conversation between Lu Xing and King Mu of Zhou. In their discourse, they talk about a "disconnection" between Heaven and Earth.

The Communist Party regards any non-scientific explanation of the beginning of time and space as primitive superstition and non-sensical. Its Cultural Revolution under Mao was intended to erase any and all aspects of culture which contradicted Party platform such as Confucianism which drew on ritual and ancestor worship during the Zhou Dynasty. It failed in its purpose and a Neo Cultural Revolution was initiated under the present President. The effort of the Party though to control time actually began with the founding of the People's Republic of China.

The Party created one time zone for China which is called Beijing Standard Time. It is another version of "one time fits all". Previously, there were five time zones. "From east to west, they were Changpai Time Zone, Chungyuan Standard Time Zone, Kansu-Szechuan Time Zone, Sinkiang-Tibet Time Zone, and Kunlun Time Zone, ranging from GMT + 8.5 to 5.5." The Party wanted to give the impression that the country was unified, so a new time began. Farmers may have given lip service to it; but, nevertheless, they began work as the Sun rose and finished tasks with the sunset.

Land reform begins for farmers by extending time prior to the creation of the People's Republic of China and prior to the formation of the Communist Party about 100 years ago. One must go back perhaps 50 generations. Through the land both ritual (which is a matter of doing without thinking) and ancestor worship are felt through the heart. The wealth of the land are those people and families who work the land or derive subsistence and sustenance (livelihood) from it. Wealth is understood not by the head but through the heart's affection.

China needs a new time zone. It would be called Dawu Time Zone. It would include the Xiong'an New Area and Dawu City which are somewhat West of the longitudinal position of Beijing. It would be four minutes earlier than Beijing time. If Xiong'an were to be the head then Dawu City would be the heart. Xiong'an will have advanced 5G, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Dawu City has the sacred. They are like two binary stars of which one is of less mass and the other of more mass which orbit around a common barycenter which constantly changes. It is a harmonious dance. An example of a visual binary in the constellation Canis Major would be Sirius B and A.

Sirius B was a main sequence star which passed into a Red Giant phase. It then shed its outer layers increasing the mass of Sirius A to some extent. Finally, it became a White Dwarf. Sirius B is exceedingly dimmer than the main sequence Sirius A (天狼) known as the "celestial wolf" which is the brightest star in the night sky and under the right conditions can be seen with the naked eye in daylight. The lifespan of Sirius B is rather short since it is already spent most of its fuel. It is like a relic or antique. On the other hand, Sirius A will last one billion years. 

1.    1 acre = 6.0702846336 mu








                     Power means responsibility

esterday's headline in the National Post read as follows:

China spat may be threatening Canada's bid to get early access to leading COVID-19 vaccine: experts.

This article refers to the Government of Canada's contract with a Chinese firm which allows Canada to manufacture a vaccine.

Today's headline at CBC News reads as follows:

Experts hope to develop vaccine in 12-18 months to stop spread of coronavirus.

This article refers to the Government of Canada's agreement with Pfizer and Moderna to supply vaccines.

The Government of Canada would like us to believe there is no connection between the two headlines only a day apart. They don't want to explicitly admit today that because Chinese customs has not allowed export of a vaccine candidate over a period of months that the government has chosen to seek new sources of vaccines. Maybe they are still trying to keep the door open for a Chinese vaccine to arrive, they don't want to upset China or they don't want to admit a mistake?

The heart of the author's issue with failure of Chinese customs to approve export of a vaccine candidate may be stated by reminding readers that over a year ago deadly viruses which could potentially be used in biological warfare were removed from the National Microbiology Lab's Level 4 Biosecurity Section in Winnipeg under highly unusual circumstances. Chinese customs did not prevent them from entering China. Yet, Chinese customs now has not given approval for the export of a vaccine candidate for COVID-19 which was part of an agreement between the Government of Canada and a Chinese company.

Yesterday's headline implies "no hope". Today's headline implies "hope". What the author wants to know is who is to be held accountable in the Government of Canada for the agreement with a Chinese company to supply a vaccine candidate which could be manufactured in Canada? Who is responsible in our government for what went on at the National Microbiology Lab? Is there any overlap in who in our government is ultimately responsible for the Chinese contract and the irregularities at the NML? 

Do Canadians have "no hope" that the Minister(s) or individuals take responsibility and ask to be fired or rather do we have hope that the person(s) will resign of their own accord? There may be no "silver bullet" to protect us from a virus that originated from a bat species. However, is there no figurative "silver bullet" to protect us from those who act like vampires in our government?




Our Foreign Policy about China is an Unmitigated Disaster

With COVID-19 Canadians are finally waking up to the extent of the failure and its repercussions

Since 2003 the author has warned the Chinese people of the dangers posed to them by an authoritarian government in China. Since 2012 the author has warned the Canadian people of the dangers posed to them by an authoritarian government in China. He has joined the chorus of critics knowledgeable about China who are very concerned about our foreign policy (if you can call it that) with China. Our policy is not only non-productive, but destructive to everything that is Canadian. It took the COVID-19 crisis beginning at the end of 2019 to turn an existential threat to Canadians to a real threat. Ground zero for the virus was Wuhan. The virus spread very quickly to Canada where it has killed almost twice as many Canadians as Chinese.

Recently, therefore, he reviewed what took place at the meeting of the Special Committee on China-Canada relations to which Ambassador Barton was invited. As a background, the government under Justin Trudeau sent Michael Kovrig to China to discuss the Meng case without seemingly confirming that he had diplomatic immunity. At the time, our ambassador was John McCallum—at least until he was fired several weeks later. It is evident that Trudeau had not been informed of Kovrig’s diplomatic status or was unaware of it. Trudeau said "It is unfortunate that China has arbitrarily and unfairly detained two Canadian citizens, and indeed, in one of the cases, is not respecting the principles of diplomatic immunity." It is a fact though that Kovrig was on leave from Global Affairs Canada. He did not have diplomatic immunity and did not carry a diplomatic passport. Today, Kovrig remains in a Chinese prison on terms which are much more harsh and less humane than Mdme Meng who is under house arrest in her Vancouver mansion.

Fast forward to a year later. Ambassador Barton appeared before the Special Committee on Canada-China Relations on February 5, 2020. Again, the author commends him for his sense of accountability to Parliament. He talked about four key issues in the China-Canada relationship. They were the detained Canadians, his mandate, strained relations between Canada and China and Canada’s leverage with regard to food.

Brief mention will be made on two of the issues. While it is true that Canada has leverage over China in terms of food there is little to no evidence to suggest that Canada has actually applied that leverage. If you recall, the author wanted all future shipments of food to China suspended for 25 years after the pork embargo which followed the canola embargo—both for spurious reasons. With respect to Spavor and Kovrig it is again commendable that Ambassador Barton visits the prisoners on every occasion allowed by the Chinese government. Nevertheless, the fact is that the two Michaels continue to be in prison after 600 days.

At the time of the Special Committee meeting Prime Minister Trudeau was on his way to Ethiopia. He was to meet Prime Minister Ably Ahmed and President Sahle-Work Zewde in order to get Ethiopia’s vote for Canada’s seat on the UN Security Council. The date of the trip had been planned well in advance. Wasn’t it an extreme coincidence though that Ambassador Barton’s appearance before the Special Committee was on February 5, 2020 when Trudeau was on his way away?

As has been previously mentioned by the author on several occasions Trudeau did not discuss the outbreak of coronavirus in China to the Africans as far as we know. Nor did Trudeau seem concerned about its inevitable spread to Canada. Did Trudeau and Barton talk about the full implications of a possible spread of novel coronavirus to Canada on Barton’s return from China to the United States and then Canada? Who would know better than Barton what was going on in China? There isn’t any public information to answer these questions. Did Barton voluntarily quarantine himself in either the United States or Canada after his return from China. Probably not, as Foreign Affairs usually would be responsible for warning Canadians to take such precautions. Well, the Head of Foreign Affairs went along on the African junket. Novel coronavirus was the last thing on his mind.

The point of all this explanation is that novel coronavirus which later became COVID-19 was not one of the six concerns of the Special Committee. Why didn’t the Special Committee realize there was the strong possibility of a Chinese epidemic transforming into a global pandemic as of this date? Did Ambassador Barton not inform the Committee of this possibility?

It was known at that time the virus was highly infectious. It was more infectious than SARS which hit Beijing and Toronto particularly hard in 2003. COVID-19 is actually designated SARS-CoV-2. It is less deadly than that from which it was derived, but more infectious. At the start of February, it was estimated the mortality rate was about 2.4%. That estimate was later revised downward, but even at 1% the mortality rates are very high because so many people were being infected so quickly on an exponential basis.

It was also known that Wuhan which was a major hub for rail and air transport was locked down on January 23rd in what is called the (“Wuhan lockdown”: 武汉封城) at the beginning of China’s major, human migration during the Spring Festival. Hours later, lockdowns were applied to Huanggang and Ezhou. By February 2nd, a seven-day lock-down applied to Wenzhou, Zhejiang. It was also known that 5 million Wuhan citizens had escaped the lockdown before it was implemented of whom some left on planes for destinations abroad such as Canada.

February 5, 202O was a fateful day for another reason. Ambassador Barton said some of the 650 embassy staff in Beijing “were aware of a potential problem [in Wuhan] well before it hit headlines.” "A number of people in our Beijing embassy ... were identifying this as a potential issue. Really, the author knew about it in mid-January before the Wuhan lockdown! The United States knew about the issue at the beginning of January; although, at this early time, important details were not disclosed by the Chinese.

It was no longer a potential problem or issue on February 5th, but an actual one. It was actually a disaster more than a problem. To his credit we are told that Ambassador Barton wanted to rush back to Beijing to help staff serve Canadians in China.

We did not though see Trudeau or his Foreign Affairs Minister rush back to Canada to serve Canadians with regard to COVID-19. We did not see them initiate planning and emergency, control measures in Canada after February 6th. Rather, they were off to Senegal from Ethiopia to kill two birds with one stone to secure member votes so Canada could vote on the Security Council. They forgot in Canada that a bird in the hand was worth more than two in the African bush.




        A Circle Becomes A ONE-WAY STRAIGHT LINE

Wailian makes no reference to McMillan in promotional material and McCallum never mentions the company to the Minister. And the Minister reaches out to McCallum rather than the other way around. It looks like a circle, but is described by McCallum as a one-way "straight" line.

I'm reminded of the testimony of the Kielburgers. They are bathed in angelic white light which reflects in the background like they are surrounded by white auras--maybe halos. Craig Kielburger says he--or should one say WE--wanted to help the government rather than be helped. He says the government phoned him on that fateful day looking for help. Of course, if he had phoned the government for financial help then it would look like lobbying for which WE Charity was not registered.

"Under Canadian law, Mr. McCallum is barred from lobbying the federal government for five years after leaving office. He said his conversation with the minister did not constitute lobbying. Mr. Mendicino “approaches me from time to time for general discussion as a friend and former minister,” Mr. McCallum said in response to questions from The Globe and Mail."

In April, WE made a proposal to create a social entrepreneurship program to the Small Business Minister Mary Ng. If the author recalls correctly Craig Kielburger's said to the effect at his testimony that WE had had trouble for two years trying to integrate an entrepreneurship program [which would normally have been for profit] with a charity program [which was not for profit]. The author wondered if he had heard about the social entrepreneur Sun Dawu who is prominent on the author's website.

Perhaps Kielburger never will learn about Sun Dawu because the author's website is under illegal attack, impediments are piled on daily to prevent publishing, his browsers and VPN modified, his keyboard changed to a French template. Let's not forget that searches by the author for Sun Dawu's blog, his website or any mention of his name on the world-wide web by the author are exclusively restricted through targeting his unique identification address.

The following is but one example of targeting my search capabilities on anything related to Sun Dawu.


[Search domain www.haoz.net/lizhi/yulu/197252/]


Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

We can’t connect to the server at www.haoz.net.

Ironically, hackers don't target my search for his image on the web. The hackers have though compensated for this omission by forbidding my website to publish any images whatsoever, for example, of Sun Dawu or Justin Trudeau.

However, getting back to the proposal on social entrepreneurship by WE to the Small Business Minister, the Ministry asked WE to revise its proposal to which WE complied. In defence of itself, WE said that "it was incorrect to conflate the testimony about the unsolicited April 9 proposal with its eventual partnership to deliver the CSSG; the earlier pitch, it says, was "distinct and clearly unrelated." In other words, lobbying is not an issue. The author does not contest this defence as the situation was extremely complicated and moving very quickly; as well, he has not seen copies of any proposals.

The author returned from an engagement in time to hear Trudeau's testimony. He was flabbergasted to listen to Trudeau's claim that he only heard of the WE proposal hours before it was made. Rather than recuse himself he made the excuse that he had pushed back at the proposal because it might be perceived he and his wife might have a conflict of interest. The operative phrase here is "might be perceived". He admitted no conflict, but only admitted it might appear to be that way by others--to paraphrase him. To the author this is but a reflection of his relativistic philosophy which means in effect that conflict of interest rules don't apply to him. By the way, his "pushing back" rather than being "pulled in" by the WE proposal didn't seem to mean any more due diligence of WE by either the public service or the cabinet.

For the author, the most intriguing part of the testimony were Trudeau's last words. "In fact, as of May 8, it was my belief that a supercharged version of the Canada Service Corps would deliver the program. From my perspective, WE Charity hadn't come up," Trudeau said. That word "supercharged" is usually applied to cars where a supercharger is added to deliver more oxygen to the engine. Since he doesn't explain the word "supercharged" it has many possibilities. However, in terms of probabilities it may refer to WE.

In effect, he wanted to supercharge the Canada Service Corps which he instituted in 2018 with the supercharger WE. In the May 8th WE proposal the terms "core program" and "cohort" are used many times. This seems to suggest a semantic relation to the word "Corps" in Canada Service Corps. Basically, what the author is suggesting is that Trudeau was not faced with a binary choice on May 8th by the public service between WE and nothing, but rather prior to May 8th, he faced the dilemma of how the Canada Service Corps could be partnered with WE. What this means is that a potential conflict of interest may have been perceived earlier.




                             The Bird is the Word

For those of you who are not unbridled optimists, take comfort with two thoughts concerning empires and civilization. Empires have risen and fallen. They are rising and falling at a faster pace. It is the time for the American empire (of which Canada is part) to fall.

With respect to China one may say that its dynasties rather than empires have risen and fallen. The latest dynasty is the CPC. It rose almost 100 years ago with the fall of the Qing Dynasty. It will decline though faster than the American empire on which it has become dependent in terms of technology.

One may also say that civilization itself rises and falls. To believe that it is marked by constant progress is an illusion. Civilization began with the emergence of written language which recorded history and progress. On the vast scale of things it wasn't that long ago. Written language could be shared and held in common by people. Later, the Chinese advanced the progress of civilization with the invention of paper. The dissemination of the written word was improved upon in the West with the invention of the printing press.

However, we have reached a point in civilization where the meaning of the written and spoken word is lost. For example, in China, only the words of One Thought are allowed. Divergence of thought is deviance. This phenomenon is a revival of Maoism during the time of the Cultural Revolution. In America, any opposition to Trump's tweets are labelled fake news or considered heretical. Its precedence was the era of McCarthy which was a reflection of the Cold War with Communist Russia and the proxy war with Communist China in Korea and later in Vietnam.

The idea behind deliberate distortion of language is to undermine peoples' beliefs to the point where they are more easily manipulated by an authoritarian regime. One can easily see how the meaning of "cause and effect" have been distorted. With respect to climate it has been the case in America for the government to deny for nearly four decades that man-made activity could cause global warming.

The Chinese government has not taken that approach with its people with regard to global warming. Instead, they have fostered the belief for the last four decades that they are entitled to destroy the environment as the Americans did. Both governments are distorting the meaning of "cause and effect". The Americans deny the cause which the Chinese accept while the Chinese deny the effect which the Americans accept. However, nature cannot be controlled or tamed as easily as the attempt to modify human nature by distortion of thoughts through the inversion and perversion of language.

The climate is obviously getting warmer at an accelerated pace with increased extremes in regard to weather. The Poles are melting which will result in a rise of sea level. Fresh water is becoming more scarce. Mass migrations of people have already begun. Whatever one writes or speaks now cannot reverse the trend in at least the next 100 years. Civilization itself is now in jeopardy as well as the human race. One has to question whether the human race is the fittest to survive if it has changed climate to the extent which brings about its own extinction.

Our Ship of State is Rudderless and without Moral Compass

Why is Canada part of the joint development of the Greater and Lesser Panda Vaccine (GLP)? It is proposed by China that "a public good of universal access" will cost Latin America only one billion dollars through a loan. Is that every year with a new vaccine? Is it using as its model with regard to low cost, for example, the vaccine campaign of the WHO to eradicate tuberculosis throughout China? It does not seem so. Not only does China seem to want to make a profit from the misfortune of others but wants control of others through loans which countries may have difficulty repaying. It resembles a strategy used by the One Belt One Road Program particularly in Africa where infrastructure projects (sometimes of dubious value) are built in undeveloped countries based on loans which cannot be repaid resulting in the acquisition of other assets and eventual control of the economy and country.

The author can anticipate what the Government might reply once they get their heads out of the morass of a Made in Ottawa, self-inflicted, We Charity scandal. The Governman whose superior, relativistic, moral philosophy which applies to everyone else but him might say it is the Chinese and not the Canadians who proposed a loan to purchase the GLP vaccine. We have no association with the loan because We are interested only in charitable causes like ourselves through entitlement.

We are the ones who selflessly contributed to the WHO (who incidentally are controlled by the Chinese). We know nothing, we see nothing, we hear nothing about the Canadian WHO adviser who appeared to dodge questions about the inclusion of Taiwan in the WHO. We know nothing, we see nothing, we hear nothing about why the same Canadian WHO epidemiologist failed to report to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health for two separate occasions. We are the epitome of transparency until We are not.

One can't help remembering how our Prime Minister frittered away valuable time starting on February 09, 2020 in Ethiopia and Senegal. This was during the new coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan. He was seeking to get votes for a seat on the Security Council for unknown reasons. One doesn't hear of any talk of the epidemic in his discussion with various African leaders. One doesn't see any preparations he was making in Canada--like cancelling flights into Montréal-Trudeau International Airport from China or Hong Kong.

The author was set to travel to China in the middle of January on an "iron rice bowl" contract. He cancelled his trip because of articles he had read in the Lancet which questioned Chinese statistics on the epidemic. He warned all his Chinese friends of the nature of the epidemic. His former ophthalmologist was Dr. Li Wenliang ( 李文亮) known as "the whistleblower" who achieved hero status. He died on February 07, 2020. To give a short background, the author had been through the SARS crisis of 2003 in Beijing when most staff at our Embassy returned to Canada. He had valuable experience which no one in our Government called upon in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic of 2020.

Yet, he heard no comments from our own Minister of Foreign Affairs or Prime Minister when they were in Africa, Europe or on their return to Canada warning Canadians not to travel to China for work or for other reasons. He saw a clueless Government which was not preparing Canada or Canadians for the worst. Really, who are the Chinese experts in our government and what do they know about anything? Where are our foreign policy analysts who either seem MIA or whose goal is to serve domestic political purposes?

In addition, the author could easily have travelled back to Canada after a stay of two weeks and who would have stopped him from entering the country or required him to quarantine? Not our Prime Minister. Not our Minister of Foreign Affairs. No one. To highlight the point, who objected to Trudeau's wife going to London on March 4, 2020 to attend a We Charity event after COVID-19 had entered Great Britain in late January? She returned to Canada with the disease forcing the Prime Minister to quarantine--at which point he started to take the crisis more seriously! The consequence was that Parliament was reduced to virtual sittings.

Now, our Prime Minister is embroiled in a third ethics scandal to distract him even more from important issues such as COVID-19. One is beginning to lose count of the violations. While his father was highly regarded for his sense of Justice and creating a Just Society through the Charter of Rights and Freedoms it seems his son, Justin, will be just be forgotten for his apparent lack of moral scruples.

One wonders if both Russia and China are clandestinely hacking separately or together as they target coronavirus treatment and vaccine research?

Why is Canada co-operating with a Chinese biological company and the People's Liberation Army with respect to a COVID-19 vaccine after possible intellectual property issues at the National Microbiology Laboratory (Containment Level 4) linked to the National Institute of Virology (Containment Level 4) in the city of Wuhan where COVID-19 originated?

While the author will be the first to wear a mask from China if it is made mandatory by law in Canada he will be the last to be inoculated with a Chinese-Canada vaccine if it is made mandatory by law in Canada by a Liberal Minority Government. At his own expense, he will voluntarily be inoculated by any of 149 other potential vaccines world-wide other than the Chinese-Canada vaccine and encourage others to do likewise. If 37 million Canadians are forced by law to be inoculated with the Chinese-Canada vaccine then the author commits to leading a nationwide protest of civil disobedience against a Greater and Lesser Panda Vaccine. He throws down the gauntlet to the Princeling son of PET.

          The timeline of a complex series of events

Amir Attaran who is a University of Ottawa health policy professor questions why we would pick "as our preferred partner the Chinese military and a Chinese company?" By "we" he means the National Research Council (NRC). It was the Council which developed the cell line for the vaccine which the company is using. Indeed, the NRC had previously worked with CanSino BIO on the Ebola vaccine.

It is surprising the NRC had such faith in the Chinese. It was reported on July 23, 2014 that personnel files of the Council had been breached. Prime Minister Stephen Harper had said there was “no doubt” China initiated the digital assault. The attack forced the NRC to rebuild its IT department.

One thing is certain. At both the National Research Council under John McDougall (2010-2016) and the National Microbiology Lab in 2016 chaos reigned with budget cuts. McDougall's presidency was characterized "by a dramatic drop in publications and patents". At the NML, the union complained of a toxic workplace environment with systemic bullying and harassment conducted by senior management.

These are ideal conditions if a foreign sponsored state actor wished to infiltrate either institution. No wonder the Chinese hacked into the personnel files of the NRC in 2014. The weakness is not just IT, but personnel. No wonder Qiu and Cheng along with an unknown number of Chinese students may have "breached" security protocols at the NML with immune levels of personnel lowered through stress. The Chinese infiltrators are like a virus attacking the host.

If you think all of this is in the past then read today's newspaper which reports an attack of computer systems at the Royal Military College. The attack is one of ransomware which is not surprising from the Chinese regime which holds Kovrig and Spavor for ransom with respect to Mdme Meng. To round up the usual suspects would start with Chinese state sponsored actors.


                            From China with Love

If the minority government misled by JT which doesn't sit in Parliament thinks I and millions of Canadians will volunteer to be stuck like voodoo dolls with a vaccine developed by CanSino Biologics then they are highly delusional and dysfunctional. You are asking me and we to trust a vaccine from a company within the PRC whose government along with the complicity of the WHO undertook a coverup of a highly infectious novel coronavirus which is SARS-like. Yes, one disease called SARS-CoV-2 with two characteristics; namely, mutated Ebola and HIV genomes. The structure sounds very much like One Country Two Systems.

Before the government proceeds with its maniacal, vaccination machinations me-we wants to know why Dr. QIU Xiangguo who developed the Z-Mapp for Ebola and her husband CHENG Keding were escorted out of the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) level 4 biosecurity lab in the middle of Canada. NML is overseen by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) which is run by Canada's Chief Public Health Officer who is Theresa Tam (譚咏詩). It was Tam who said on January 26 that "There is no clear evidence that this virus is spread easily from person to person. The risk to Canadians remains low." One wonders if she will take seriously the recent assertion by 200 scientists from 30 countries that COVID-19 may be spread airborne.

Me-we wants to know why SARS-CoV-2 has a mutated Ebola genome within it, which might suggest it did not occur naturally, but rather was genetically engineered as part of biological warfare. Me-we wants disclosed any connections and interactions between the NML scientists and the National Virology Institute (NVI) as well as China’s National Biosafety Laboratory in Wuhan. It is known Qiu helped train the staff at the NVI. It is known prior to their expulsion from the lab on July 5, 2019 that there was a shipment to Wuhan in March 2019 of samples of Ebola and henipavirus—another highly virulent family of pathogens".

Furthermore, to ensure there is no conflict of interest me-we wants full public disclosure of the size of the contracts with the Canadian government and the names of any Canadian government officials or Canadians who might stand to benefit from the sale of vaccines. Any non-disclosure clauses which involve the government of Canada make us gag. Me-we also wonders with a capital "W" if high cost vaccines in Canada will subsidize low cost vaccines in China.

Me-we demands to know if Dr. Qiu (whose hometown is coincidentally Tianjin and who received a masters degree in immunology from a Tianjin university) has any connection to CanSino Biologics or the development and sale of the vaccines of CanSino Biologics of Tianjin. Does she have any relatives at CanSino Biologics? Since me-we cannot get answers from JT then me-we wants answers JIT from the RCMP. It is now not just me-we but me-we-they ("they" meaning the world's population) who demands answers since CanSino Biologics want to inoculate everybody world-wide.

Canadians have recently experienced two conflict of interest scandals where JT is front and center. The first debacle involved SNC Lavalin and led to the resignation of two cabinet ministers. The more recent fiasco concerns We Charity and revolves around how the PM who has been intimately involved with it chose the charity as the recipient of government largesse without a tender process or clarity. However, what is potentially shaping up to be a third scandal of immense importance are the unknown reasons for the expulsion of Chinese scientists from the NML and the "questionable partnership with a Chinese company and its military-backed COVID-19 vaccine".

Vials of deadly pathogens made their way from the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg to the National Institute of Virology in Wuhan where in all probability there was another breach in security protocols and COVID-19 leaked out as from Pandora's Box. Since China is ground zero for the novel coronavirus and its release was covered-up allowing it to spread quickly then why is the National Research Council cooperating and coordinating with a Chinese company to develop a vaccine--particularly when China-Canada relations are at an all time low? There are other, better alternatives which seem not to have been explored. The decision to choose CanSino BIO is both illogical and irrational. Therefore, one wonders what the real, undisclosed reasons are for this unholy alliance. It all starts with PM JT.

updated July 07, 2020








The Chinese Communist Party is not really
very Chinese at all

Charles Burton

Special to The Globe and Mail

July 4, 2020

With enormous good grace, considering the circumstances, my kindly and generous teachers readily took me in as one of their own. What they taught me was that China’s cultural greatness yesterday, today and tomorrow lies in the immutable principles clearly and simply expressed in the classical Chinese of the ancient sages of China’s Confucian tradition.

If the party seeks to devastate the international rules-based order, then be transparent and open about it. It is a betrayal to claim the party’s dissembling is true to Chinese cultural imperatives. In this sense, the Chinese Communist Party is ultimately not very Chinese.

Professor Burton is one of the few Canadians who understand the basic nature of the Chinese. To be Chinese is to be Confucian and to be Confucian is to be Chinese. The Communist Party of China tries to impose an unnatural order on the Chinese people.

If Canadian foreign policy with regard to China does not begin with an understanding of the role of Confucianism in China it will fail. Communism may be only a short lived and short sighted experiment. To illustrate this point one might paraphrase the words of one who was to have been the successor of Mao. One cannot judge the success of the French Revolution as it is too early to determine. In the same vein, one cannot yet judge the success of the Communist Party in relation to Confucianism whose principles were based on governance during the Zhou Dynasty.

One might refine the contrast between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Confucianism with respect to religion, philosophy and governance. With respect to religion the CPC is atheistic. This means there is no God or afterlife. However, Communism has effectively turned atheism into a religion as the only image to view and word to hear is of the leader. Everyone is to have one thought without thinking and the origin of One Thought is from the number one leader.

On the other hand, Confucianism expresses the continuity of life through the family and ancestral worship. It is accomplished through ritual which has been practiced over thousands of years. Its goal is to harmonize the earthly and heavenly. This is accomplished through the heart and feelings.

Ultimately, the philosophy of the CPC is based on atomism expressed by the Pre-Socratic philosopher Democritus. Everything is composed of atoms. Everything is material. In modern terms it becomes dialectical materialism developed during the Industrial Revolution and expressed by Hegel.

There is a clear distinction between governance as practiced by Communists and Confucianists. A communist system in China is top down. It uses the philosophy of Legalism and rule by law developed by Mozi. Furthermore, it assumes the individual is guilty until proven innocent. In order to correct behaviour in a communist system the individual must live in fear of punishment.

A Confucian system of governance is bottom up or to express it another way is "of the people" as opposed to "of one person". It stresses rule of law where law is the lowest form of morality. It is believed the individual is innocent until proven guilty. Good behaviour is rewarded.

A practical model of Confucianism has been established by Sun Dawu of Dawu Group at Dawu City in Hebei Province. It is based on the Private Entrepreneurial Constitutional System. Cadres elect management every two years. Voting is mandatory. Of equal importance is that decisions are made by workers and implemented by management. The goal of the enterprise is not profit but the welfare of the people.

This Confucian model of an enterprise and city is to be contrasted to the establishment of a new city nearby called Xiaong'an. It will be President Xi's legacy. It is based on 5G, artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Basically, it will be the pinnacle and penultimate of materialism. It will be where machines dominate machine-like units whose performance is programmed.

Basically speaking, Confucianism looks backwards to the past while Communism looks forward to the future. The former prefers evolution while the latter stresses revolution. If Confucianism is to successfully compete with Communism it must consider a morality based on future generations. Furthermore, it must become less paternally patriarchal and more maternally matriarchal. If one looks at history prior to 5000 years then one sees Chinese society was matriarchal. Both Confucianism and Communism today are unbalanced patriarchal systems which are disharmonious. Therefore, Confucianism must distinguish itself from Communism by modernizing the definition of family and by empowering women through practice.

The strangest people visit my hometown for the strangest reasons

I'm sitting at a small restaurant in my small hometown. I'm having a late breakfast with two sunny side up eggs staring me in the face. Everything looks and feels sunny. Then, a metaphorical cloud seems to darken the sky outside.

There's a tall guy standing just outside in a pitch black, dark suit. He looks rather uneasy. Now he's either just come from a funeral or he's a Mafia hit man. Maybe he's a Mafia hit man who has just come from a funeral. He moves in front of the Italian barber shop. Ah, he must be a Sicilian Mafia hit man.

He stands in front of a black car with all the windows blackened out. That's illegal in my province, but do you expect a hit man to have any other kind of car? In stream of consciousness I'm taken back to my childhood. I used to visit my cousins in a small village in the Appalachian region. We used to go cart down a big hill. At the top of the hill was a large mansion. That was the hideout of the Mafia. It wasn't much of a hideout since everybody knew it belonged to the Mafia. At any rate, a long black Cadillac used to go slowly up the hill to the mansion.

Next, a police car pulls behind the the black suburban. The plot thickens. Is he a good cop or bad cop? Is he monitoring the hit man or is he protecting the hit man? Maybe he's a schizophrenic cop who is both good and bad.

Another guy in a black suit enters the restaurant. Gee. Maybe the hit is in the restaurant as in the Godfather. Maybe it's me and I'll be face down in my sunny side up eggs.

As it turns out nothing so sinister is about to happen. The candidate from the big city of TO for the provincial election wants "to shoot" a photo op among the locals. He'll be arriving shortly. We're told that if we want to ask him a question then let them know what it is in advance. Why would I want to tell any candidate in advance what my question is or be part of a dog and pony show? I leave before he arrives.

Another guy arrives in my small town on a cold winter day. At first, he doesn't see me nor I him. I've just come out of a shop and am about to cross the street to the sunny side. That is, I'm about to jay walk. That's not uncommon in a small town--especially when the nearby crosswalk is the most dangerous place to walk or bike. Those who depend on the goodwill of motorists are run over left and right. To use a mixed metaphor--the left (who jaywalks) is right and the right (who uses the crosswalk) is left on the pavement.

My quick diagonal move across the street like a bishop moving on a chessboard brings me directly behind one who strides like a king on the sidewalk. He realizes that he is not alone on the sidewalk and that I am walking in stride with him. He turns his head toward me as he continues to walk.

It resembles Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his appearance and attire. Now why would Trudeau be walking alone on the street of a small town without his bodyguards? I guess where he is going because not much is not known in a small town. It is to the restaurant up the street and along the canal. A liberal supporter runs that restaurant. Of course, it may not be Trudeau but someone else. However, as is said about ducks "what looks like a quack, sounds like a quack and walks like a quack is a quack".

I can tell by what he says to me that he is afraid because it exhibits a false sense of bravado. It is a hortatory injunction in English. "Be careful not to slip on the ice! Now where he and his shadow are walking there is no ice on the sidewalk. Of course, he is not warning me for my welfare and that I may fall. He is warning me for his welfare as he may fall since a stranger to him is walking behind him. As quickly though as I appeared behind him I disappeared through the door of a nearby business.

His shadow now speaks to him as it did to King Lear. Be careful not to slip in Parliament! Now for all intents and purposes there is no Parliament. It has not been prorogued, but rather the full sitting has been delayed indefinitely. Our democracy is on hold by a Prime Minister who won a minority government. He doesn't want opposition and uses the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse to achieve his authoritarian aims.

His shadow whispers to him not to slip. His father was a constitutional lawyer who as Prime Minister created the Bill of Rights and Freedoms for Canadians. His son is undermining this Bill of Rights and Freedoms by not allowing free speech and debate in the House of Commons through its elected representatives. He shadow boxes with himself and is losing. The shadow whispers to him like the slave standing behind the Roman Emperor in his chariot during the victory parade. "All is vanity". Everything your father built you are destroying. Everything your father built will turn to a handful of dust. Everything your father created will be nothing.


                                    Its strength is its weakness

Canada is a relatively new country. That is one of its strengths and correspondingly that is also one of its weaknesses. As a strength it is one of the leaders in communication technology. As a weakness, for example, the short period between 1968 to 2020 represents roughly one-quarter of the longer period which began at Confederation in 1867 forming Canada. This short period began with the rise of Pierre Elliott Trudeau who was a statesman and it ends with Justin Trudeau as a rhetorician who imitated his father.

China is a relatively old civilization. It began under the mythical emperor Huangdi (2698–2598) BCE whose ancestral name was Kung-sun 公孫. As a strength of the Chinese civilization the invention of the compass and calendar was attributed to the emperor who united the tribes. As a weakness of an old civilization his reign was imitated by Qin Shi Huang (秦始皇). The Qin Dynasty lasted from 259 BC-210 BCE). There are some who say the reign of the the present President imitates the reign of Qin Shi Huang.

Confucianism is an old way of life named after its founder--Confucius or Kongzi (551 to 479 BCE). He believed that going back to old ways was a means to live in the present. Ancestor worship was one of the ways. For example, reverence of past people by the Akha in Yunnan Province meant that every boy could Recite the Lineage by naming his male ancestors back fifty generations.

Today, the family unit remains the basic strength of Confucianism. Confucians look back at the Han Dynasty rather than the Zhou Dynasty at the time of Confucius. One suspects in another thousand years--if everything else is equal--Confucians will not look back at the present time. The reason is that the family unit is under intense pressure in the countryside and among migrants who have gone to the cities. The divide and conquer policy of the family by the CPC in Xinjiang Province may be a harbinger of things to come throughout China with the revival of Maoism through One Thought(less). In contrast, Legalism, today, expressed as rule by law, weakens rather than reinforces Confucianism as it did under Emperor Han Wudi (156 BCE - 87 BCE). Finally, the emergence of COVID-19 in Wuhan at the time of the Spring Festival which is characterized by the greatest migration in history has done irreparable harm to the family whose members wish to be united in the holidays. The family may also be weakened during future pandemics because it is the family unit where contagious disease strikes hardest.

There are pockets of strength for Confucianism in China particularly at Dawu Group, Dawu City, Hebei Province. The Private Entrepreneurial Constitutional System developed in 2004 provides a way forward for the family and society. It has been a successful experiment. It stresses pragmatic application of established Confucian principles.

However, private enterprise at Dawu Group seems rather overwhelmed in comparison to the growth of State Owned Enterprises even though the latter are only marginally productive. The state favours SOE's because they can be controlled while private enterprises which have been the growth engine of the Chinese economy cannot be controlled. For the State, top down control is more important than growth in the economy. One suspects that Dawu City will be further eclipsed with the creation of the new, nearby city called Xiong'an which is President Xi Jinping's own Smart City. The name of the city begins with his name--doesn't it? Its population will be one of the most highly controlled in the world through 5G, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

There is a possible way forward for the Confucian way of life and Confucianism. It is innovation through imagination. To begin with, the basic unit of the family needs to be redefined. The family unit is not what is was in the Zhou Dynasty nor will it be the same in the future. One can also say that it cannot be both patriarchal and progressive at the same time.

Lack of innovation or acceptance of new ways may be said to be a serious drawback in terms of survival to this philosophy which is mostly composed of maxims and anecdotes. In particular, there is a bias against theoretical constructs which appear outside the realm of pragmatic application of principles of Confucianism. The solution seems to be a construct that emphasizes future generations more than past generations. One might begin by looking at the philosophy of Frank Ramsey. The pragmatic philosopher believed that we have a moral obligation to future generations. He "sought conceptions of truth and knowledge that had their basis in what would work best for human beings."

Frank Ramsey: A Sheer Excess of Powers, Cheryl Misak, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, February 2020. ISBN 978--19875-535-7

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