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‘Without early warning you can’t have early response’: How Canada’s world-class pandemic alert system failed

Grant Robertson

July 25, 2020

When the last alert was issued on May 24 last year, detailing the strange, deadly outbreak in Uganda, it took nearly nine hours for senior officials to approve it.

Meanwhile, analysts were given other tasks, working on domestic matters deemed more valuable to the government’s own initiatives. These included tracking the effects of vaping and the spread of syphilis in remote communities. Both were, arguably, worthy areas of study on their own. But the cost was high.

So, on May 24 last year, after issuing an international warning of an unexplained outbreak in Uganda that left two people dead, the system went silent.


Grant Robertson's report is well researched and articulated. He is correct in his conclusion that without early warning one cannot have early response; notwithstanding, early warning can take many forms. The author has only one thing to add to the report. The date of May 24, 2019 may have more significance with respect to the end of the early alert system.

Dr. QIU Xiangguo and KEDING Cheng along with an unknown number of students from China were removed from the Level 4 virology facility at the National Microbiology Laboratory (NMB) on July 5. The level-4 virology facility is equipped to work with the most serious and deadly human and animal diseases such a Ebola. It is a fact though that the "Manitoba RCMP started an investigation after the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) contacted them on May 24". This was the same date the alert system ended with its last report of Ebola in Uganda. It appears this may have been part of an on-going investigation by the RCMP which began after Ebola and Henipah viruses were shipped to Beijing outside of proper procedure and paperwork on March 31, 2019.

Was there some kind of international alert that should have been made regarding the National Microbiology Lab but was covered up by the closure of the early alert system? Should an international alert have been sent out about the March 31, 2019 shipment to Beijing as soon as it had taken place, but which might become disclosed after May 24, 2020 with a more intense RCMP investigation? Why were Risk Group 4 pathogens sent to a non-Level 4 biosecurity facility in Beijing rather than the Level 4 Lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)? There are too many questions and not enough answers as to what exactly went on with regard to intellectual property, biological weapons' grade viruses and the National Microbiology Lab.

Furthermore, is there a connection between several shipments of viruses over a period of time (which probably included coronaviruses) to China and the National Research Council's partnership with CanSino BIO with respect to clinical trials and manufacturing of a vaccine in Canada at a much later date? If a coronavirus was shipped to the WIV then was it similar to the novel coronavirus which emerged in Wuhan at the end of December 2019? These possibilities need to be examined in detail and results disclosed to the public!

One can understand why these issues have not been explored to date. They may involve three governments; namely, Canada, China and the United States (which provided funding) in terms of national security. The issues involve both Conservative and Liberal governments in Canada which had different priorities regarding science, funding and domestic priorities. In addition, Dr. Qiu is a well respected scientist who became involved with Canadian virology institutions in 2004 following the SARS outbreak in Beijing and who also was the key player in designing the ZMapp for Ebola treatment which was refined by Canadian scientists. All of this might have become mute had there not been an outbreak of novel coronavirus which was SARS-like and which had mutated genomes of Ebola and HIV (for which there is no cure) leading to a world-wide pandemic.

With nearly 9000 deaths from COVID-19 in Canada and soon to double the number of known deaths in China it is imperative that Canadians understand what exactly took place in the Level 4 Lab at the NML. It is necessary to understand exactly why the National Research Council of Canada decided to partner exclusively with CanSino BIO of Tianjin to fund clinical trials and vaccine manufacturing in Canada when the outbreak started in China. It is rather inexplicable why Minister Navdeep Bains put all his eggs in one basket and then didn't watch the basket when shipments were delayed from China. Why hasn't he approved any other funding application like the one submitted by Providence Therapeutics of Toronto for its promising technology of an mRNA vaccine which would diversify the risk faced by Canadians in relying on a single source vaccine?

Health experts tell Ottawa to hurry domestic vaccine funding amid China delays

The Star
The Canadian Press

Mike Blanchfield

July 24, 2020

They say Canada has no guarantee it will be at the front of any line for an internationally produced pandemic cure. They attribute government’s slowness to a long-standing public policy problem: reluctance to partner with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the same way it has tried to bolster other sectors.

Canada has already invested in a vaccine-development partnership between China’s CanSino Biologics and Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia but China has held up shipments it was supposed to send to Dalhousie researchers by the end of May to start human trials.

Brad Wouters, executive vice-president of science and research at Toronto’s University Health Network, said the time has come for Canada to “hedge” its bets and support Providence, given the holdup of the Chinese shipment.


Just when I thought it couldn't get worse it got more worse. Canada has entered a partnership with a Chinese firm to support trials and manufacturing in Canada but shipments have been delayed from China since the end of May. What exactly are these shipments--hamsters? Has anyone reminded the government it is now July 26, 2020? Is the government's idea of a partnership to pay money for the benefit of a foreign company in China? Didn't they learn through the debacle when they bought masks from China? China withheld valuable information regarding COVID-19 at the beginning of the outbreak in Wuhan. Now, a shipment has been withheld or delayed which amounts to a similar thing from China to Canada. Who trusts China except the WHO who can't be trusted?

Mexico says China offers $1-billion loan to ease access to COVID-19 vaccine in Latin America, the Caribbean

Diego Oré


Published 8 hours ago

China plans to provide a $1-billion loan to make its coronavirus vaccine accessible for countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, the Mexican foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

“The Chinese foreign minister stressed that the vaccine developed in his country will be a public good of universal access, and that his country will provide a $1-billion loan to support the access of the nations of the region,” it said.

It gave no details of when such a vaccine might be available or distributed.


Our Ship of State is Rudderless and without Moral Compass

Why is Canada part of the joint development of the Greater and Lesser Panda Vaccine (GLP)? It is proposed by China that "a public good of universal access" will cost Latin America only one billion dollars through a loan. Is that every year with a new vaccine? Is it using as its model with regard to low cost, for example, the vaccine campaign of the WHO to eradicate tuberculosis throughout China? It does not seem so. Not only does China seem to want to make a profit from the misfortune of others but wants control of others through loans which countries may have difficulty repaying. It resembles a strategy used by the One Belt One Road Program particularly in Africa where infrastructure projects (sometimes of dubious value) are built in undeveloped countries based on loans which cannot be repaid resulting in the acquisition of other assets and eventual control of the economy and country.

The author can anticipate what the Government might reply once they get their heads out of the morass of a Made in Ottawa, self-inflicted, We Charity scandal. The Governman whose superior, relativistic, moral philosophy which applies to everyone else but him might say it is the Chinese and not the Canadians who proposed a loan to purchase the GLP vaccine. We have no association with the loan because We are interested only in charitable causes like ourselves through entitlement.

We are the ones who selflessly contributed to the WHO (who incidentally are controlled by the Chinese). We know nothing, we see nothing, we hear nothing about the Canadian WHO adviser who appeared to dodge questions about the inclusion of Taiwan in the WHO. We know nothing, we see nothing, we hear nothing about why the same Canadian WHO epidemiologist failed to report to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health for two separate occasions. We are the epitome of transparency until We are not.

One can't help remembering how our Prime Minister frittered away valuable time starting on February 09, 2020 in Ethiopia and Senegal. This was during the new coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan. He was seeking to get votes for a seat on the Security Council for unknown reasons. One doesn't hear of any talk of the epidemic in his discussion with various African leaders. One doesn't see any preparations he was making in Canada--like cancelling flights into Montréal-Trudeau International Airport from China or Hong Kong.

The author was set to travel to China in the middle of January on an "iron rice bowl" contract. He cancelled his trip because of articles he had read in the Lancet which questioned Chinese statistics on the epidemic. He warned all his Chinese friends of the nature of the epidemic. His former ophthalmologist was Dr. Li Wenliang ( 李文亮) known as the whistleblower who achieved hero status. He died on February 07, 2020. To give a short background, the author had been through the SARS crisis of 2003 in Beijing when most staff at our Embassy returned to Canada. He had valuable experience which no one in our Government called upon in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic of 2020.

Yet, he heard no comments from our own Minister of Foreign Affairs or Prime Minister when they were in Africa, Europe or on their return to Canada warning Canadians not to travel to China for work or for other reasons. He saw a clueless Government which was not preparing Canada or Canadians for the worst. Really, who are the Chinese experts in our government and what do they know about anything? Where are our foreign policy analysts who either seem MIA or whose goal is to serve domestic political purposes?

In addition, the author could easily have travelled back to Canada after a stay of two weeks and who would have stopped him from entering the country or required him to quarantine? Not our Prime Minister. Not our Minister of Foreign Affairs. No one. To highlight the point, who objected to Trudeau's wife going to London on March 4, 2020 to attend a We Charity event after COVID-19 had entered Great Britain in late January? She returned to Canada with the disease forcing the Prime Minister to quarantine--at which point he started to take the crisis more seriously! The consequence was that Parliament was reduced to virtual sittings.

Now, our Prime Minister is embroiled in a fourth ethics scandal to distract him even more from important issues such as COVID-19. One is beginning to lose count of the violations. While his father was highly regarded for his sense of Justice and creating a Just Society through the Charter of Rights and Freedoms it seems his son, Justin, will be just be forgotten for his apparent lack of moral scruples.

US orders closure of Chinese Consulate in Houston

James Griffiths

July 22, 2020

The United States government has abruptly ordered China to "cease all operations and events" at its consulate in Houston, Texas, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, in what it called an "unprecedented escalation" in recent actions taken by Washington.

On Tuesday, US prosecutors charged two alleged Chinese hackers over a "sweeping global computer intrusion campaign" that they say was supported by the country's government and aimed at coronavirus treatment and vaccine research.

The indictment also marks the first time that the US has accused the hackers of working on behalf of the Chinese government.


One wonders if both Russia and China are clandestinely hacking separately or together as they target coronavirus treatment and vaccine research?

Why is Canada co-operating with a Chinese biological company and the People's Liberation Army with respect to a COVID-19 vaccine after possible intellectual property issues at the National Microbiology Laboratory (Containment Level 4) linked to the National Institute of Virology (Containment Level 4) in the city of Wuhan where COVID-19 originated?

While the author will be the first to wear a mask from China if it is made mandatory by law in Canada he will be the last to be inoculated with a Chinese-Canada vaccine if it is made mandatory by law in Canada by a Liberal Minority Government. At his own expense, he will voluntarily be inoculated by any of 149 other potential vaccines world-wide other than the Chinese-Canada vaccine and encourage others to do likewise. If 37 million Canadians are forced by law to be inoculated with the Chinese-Canada vaccine then the author commits to leading a nationwide protest of civil disobedience against the Greater and Lesser Panda Vaccine. He throws down the gauntlet to the Princeling son of PET.

Canada’s surprising history and questionable partnership with a Chinese company and its military-backed COVID-19 vaccine

Tom Blackwell

June 26, 2020

Trudeau announced May 12 that Canada had struck an agreement with the Tianjin-based firm to conduct another phase 1 trial, which essentially measures whether the vaccine is safe and generates an immune response, followed if successful by phase 2 and 3 trials here.


Amir Attaran who is a University of Ottawa health policy professor questions why we would pick "as our preferred partner the Chinese military and a Chinese company?" By "we" he means the National Research Council (NRC). It was the Council which developed the cell line for the vaccine which the company is using. Indeed, the NRC had previously worked with CanSinoBIO on the Ebola vaccine.

It is surprising the NRC had such faith in the Chinese. It was reported on July 23, 2014 that personnel files of the Council had been breached. Prime Minister Stephen Harper had said there was “no doubt” China initiated the digital assault. The attack forced the NRC to rebuild its IT department.

One thing is certain. At both the National Research Council under John McDougall (2010-2016) and the National Microbiology Lab in 2016 chaos reigned with budget cuts. McDougall's presidency was characterised "by a dramatic drop in publications and patents". At the NML, the union complained of a toxic workplace environment with systemic bullying and harassment conducted by senior management.

These are ideal conditions if a foreign sponsored state actor wished to infiltrate either institution. No wonder the Chinese hacked into the personnel files of the NRC in 2014. The weakness is not just IT, but personnel. No wonder Qiu and Cheng along with an unknown number of Chinese students at the NML may have "breached" security protocols with immune levels of personnel lowered through stress. The Chinese infiltrators are like a virus attacking the host.

If you think all of this is in the past then read today's newspaper which reports an attack of computer systems at the Royal Military College. The attack is one of ransomware which is not surprising from the Chinese regime which holds Kovrig and Spavor for ransom with respect to Mdme Meng. To round up the usual suspects would start with Chinese state sponsored actors.

                            From China with Love

If the minority government misled by JT which doesn't sit in Parliament thinks I and millions of Canadians will volunteer to be stuck like voodoo dolls with a vaccine developed by CanSino Biologics then they are highly delusional and dysfunctional. You are asking me and we to trust a vaccine from a company within the PRC whose government along with the complicity of the WHO undertook a coverup of a highly infectious novel coronavirus which is SARS-like. Yes, one disease called SARS-CoV-2 with two characteristics; namely, mutated Ebola and HIV genomes. The structure sounds very much like One Country Two Systems.

Before the government proceeds with its maniacal, vaccination machinations me-we wants to know why Dr. QIU Xiangguo who developed the Z-Mapp for Ebola and her husband CHENG Keding were escorted out of the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) level 4 biosecurity lab in the middle of Canada. NML is overseen by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) which is run by Canada's Chief Public Health Officer who is Theresa Tam (譚咏詩). It was Tam who said on January 26 that "There is no clear evidence that this virus is spread easily from person to person. The risk to Canadians remains low." One wonders if she will take seriously the recent assertion by 200 scientists from 30 countries that COVID-19 may be spread airborne.

Me-we wants to know why SARS-CoV-2 has a mutated Ebola genome within it, which might suggest it did not occur naturally, but rather was genetically engineered as part of biological warfare. Me-we wants disclosed any connections and interactions between the NML scientists and the National Virology Institute (NVI) as well as China’s National Biosafety Laboratory in Wuhan. It is known Qiu helped train the staff at the NVI. It is known prior to their expulsion from the lab on July 5, 2019 that there was a shipment to Wuhan in March 2019 of samples of Ebola and henipavirus—another highly virulent family of pathogens".

Furthermore, to ensure there is no conflict of interest me-we wants full public disclosure of the size of the contracts with the Canadian government and the names of any Canadian government officials or Canadians who might stand to benefit from the sale of vaccines. Any non-disclosure clauses which involve the government of Canada make us gag. Me-we also wonders with a capital "W" if high cost vaccines in Canada will subsidize low cost vaccines in China.

Me-we demands to know if Dr. Qiu (whose hometown is coincidentally Tianjin and who received a masters degree in immunology from a Tianjin university) has any connection to CanSino Biologics or the development and sale of the vaccines of CanSino Biologics of Tianjin. Are her relatives working at this company. Since me-we cannot get answers from JT then me-we wants answers JIT from the RCMP. It is now not just me-we but me-we-they ("they" meaning the world's population) who demands answers since CanSino Biologics want to innoculate everybody world-wide.

Canadians have recently experienced two conflict of interest scandals where JT is front and center. The first debacle involved SNC Lavalin and led to the resignation of two cabinet ministers. The more recent fiasco concerns We Charity and revolves around how the PM who has been intimately involved with it chose the charity as the recipient of government largesse without a tender process or clarity. However, what is potentially shaping up to be a third scandal of immense importance are the unknown reasons for the expulsion of Chinese scientists from the NML and the "questionable partnership with a Chinese company and its military-backed COVID-19 vaccine".

Vials of deadly pathogens made their way from the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg to the National Institute of Virology in Wuhan where in all probability there was another breach in security protocols and COVID-19 leaked out as from Pandora's Box. Since China is ground zero for the novel coronavirus and its release was covered-up allowing it to spread quickly then why is the National Research Council cooperating and coordinating with a Chinese company to develop a vaccine--particularly when China-Canada relations are at an all time low? There are other, better alternatives which seem not to have been explored. The decision to choose CanSino BIO is both illogical and irrational. Therefore, one wonders what the real, undisclosed reasons are for this unholy alliance. It all starts with PM JT.

updated July 07, 2020








The Chinese Communist Party is not really very Chinese at all

Charles Burton

Special to The Globe and Mail

July 4, 2020

With enormous good grace, considering the circumstances, my kindly and generous teachers readily took me in as one of their own. What they taught me was that China’s cultural greatness yesterday, today and tomorrow lies in the immutable principles clearly and simply expressed in the classical Chinese of the ancient sages of China’s Confucian tradition.

If the party seeks to devastate the international rules-based order, then be transparent and open about it. It is a betrayal to claim the party’s dissembling is true to Chinese cultural imperatives. In this sense, the Chinese Communist Party is ultimately not very Chinese.

Professor Burton is one of the few Canadians who understand the basic nature of the Chinese. To be Chinese is to be Confucian and to be Confucian is to be Chinese. The Communist Party of China tries to impose an unnatural order on the Chinese people.

If Canadian foreign policy with regard to China does not begin with an understanding of the role of Confucianism in China it will fail. Communism may be only a short lived and short sighted experiment. To illustrate this point one might paraphrase the words of one who was to have been the successor of Mao. One cannot judge the success of the French Revolution as it is too early to determine. In the same vein, one cannot yet judge the success of the Communist Party in relation to Confucianism whose principles were based on governance during the Zhou Dynasty.

One might refine the contrast between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Confucianism with respect to religion, philosophy and governance. With respect to religion the CPC is atheistic. This means there is no God or afterlife. However, Communism has effectively turned atheism into a religion as the only image to view and word to hear is of the leader. Everyone is to have one thought without thinking and the origin of One Thought is from the number one leader.

On the other hand, Confucianism expresses the continuity of life through the family and ancestral worship. It is accomplished through ritual which has been practiced over thousands of years. Its goal is to harmonize the earthly and heavenly. This is accomplished through the heart and feelings.

Ultimately, the philosophy of the CPC is based on atomism expressed by the Pre-Socratic philosopher Democritus. Everything is composed of atoms. Everything is material. In modern terms it becomes dialectical materialism developed during the Industrial Revolution and expressed by Hegel.

There is a clear distinction between governance as practiced by Communists and Confucianists. A communist system in China is top down. It uses the philosophy of Legalism and rule by law developed by Mozi. Furthermore, it assumes the individual is guilty until proven innocent. In order to correct behaviour in a communist system the individual must live in fear of punishment.

A Confucian system of governance is bottom up or to express it another way is "of the people" as opposed to "of one person". It stresses rule of law where law is the lowest form of morality. It is believed the individual is innocent until proven guilty. Good behaviour is rewarded.

A practical model of Confucianism has been established by Sun Dawu of Dawu Group at Dawu City in Hebei Province. It is based on the Private Entrepreneurial Constitutional System. Cadres elect management every two years. Voting is mandatory. Of equal importance is that decisions are made by workers and implemented by management. The goal of the enterprise is not profit but the welfare of the people.

This Confucian model of an enterprise and city is to be contrasted to the establishment of a new city nearby called Xiaong'an. It will be President Xi's legacy. It is based on 5G, artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Basically, it will be the pinnacle and penultimate of materialism. It will be where machines dominate machine-like units whose performance is programmed.

Basically speaking, Confucianism looks backwards to the past while Communism looks forward to the future. The former prefers evolution while the latter stresses revolution. If Confucianism is to successfully compete with Communism it must consider a morality based on future generations. Furthermore, it must become less paternally patriarchal and more maternally matriarchal. If one looks at history prior to 5000 years then one sees Chinese society was matriarchal. Both Confucianism and Communism today are unbalanced patriarchal systems which are disharmonius. Therefore, Confucianism must distinguish itself from Communism by modernizing the definition of family and by empowering women through practice.


The strangest people visit my hometown for the strangest reasons

I'm sitting at a small restaurant in my small hometown. I'm having a late breakfast with two sunny side up eggs staring me in the face. Everything looks and feels sunny. Then, a metaphorical cloud seems to darken the sky outside.

There's a tall guy standing just outside in a pitch black, dark suit. He looks rather uneasy. Now he's either just come from a funeral or he's a Mafia hit man. Maybe he's a Mafia hit man who has just come from a funeral. He moves in front of the Italian barber shop. Ah, he must be a Sicilian Mafia hit man.

He stands in front of a black car with all the windows blackened out. That's illegal in my province, but do you expect a hit man to have any other kind of car? In stream of consciousness I'm taken back to my childhood. I used to visit my cousins in a small village in the Appalachian region. We used to go cart down a big hill. At the top of the hill was a large mansion. That was the hideout of the Mafia. It wasn't much of a hideout since everybody knew it belonged to the Mafia. At any rate, a long black Cadillac used to go slowly up the hill to the mansion.

Next, a police car pulls behind the the black suburban. The plot thickens. Is he a good cop or bad cop? Is he monitoring the hit man or is he protecting the hit man? Maybe he's a schizophrenic cop who is both good and bad.

Another guy in a black suit enters the restaurant. Gee. Maybe the hit is in the restaurant as in the Godfather. Maybe it's me and I'll be face down in my sunny side up eggs.

As it turns out nothing so sinister is about to happen. The candidate from the big city of TO for the provincial election wants "to shoot" a photo op among the locals. He'll be arriving shortly. We're told that if we want to ask him a question then let them know what it is in advance. Why would I want to tell any candidate in advance what my question is or be part of a dog and pony show? I leave before he arrives.

Another guy arrives in my small town on a cold winter day. At first, he doesn't see me nor I him. I've just come out of a shop and am about to cross the street to the sunny side. That is, I'm about to jay walk. That's not uncommon in a small town--especially when the nearby crosswalk is the most dangerous place to walk or bike. Those who depend on the goodwill of motorists are run over left and right. To use a mixed metaphor--the left (who jaywalks) is right and the right (who uses the crosswalk) is left on the pavement.

My quick diagonal move across the street like a bishop moving on a chessboard brings me directly behind one who strides like a king on the sidewalk. He realizes that he is not alone on the sidewalk and that I am walking in stride with him. He turns his head toward me as he continues to walk.

It resembles Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his appearance and attire. Now why would Trudeau be walking alone on the street of a small town without his bodyguards? I guess where he is going because not much is not known in a small town. It is to the restaurant up the street and along the canal. A liberal supporter runs that restaurant. Of course, it may not be Trudeau but someone else. However, as is said about ducks "what looks like a quack, sounds like a quack and walks like a quack is a quack".

I can tell by what he says to me that he is afraid because it exhibits a false sense of bravado. It is a hortatory injunction in English. "Be careful not to slip on the ice! Now where he and his shadow are walking there is no ice on the sidewalk. Of course, he is not warning me for my welfare and that I may fall. He is warning me for his welfare as he may fall since a stranger to him is walking behind him. As quickly though as I appeared behind him I disappeared through the door of a nearby business.

His shadow now speaks to him as it did to King Lear. Be careful not to slip in Parliament! Now for all intents and purposes there is no Parliament. It has not been prorogued, but rather the full sitting has been delayed indefinitely. Our democracy is on hold by a Prime Minister who won a minority government. He doesn't want opposition and uses the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse to achieve his authoritarian aims.

His shadow whispers to him not to slip. His father was a constitutional lawyer who as Prime Minister created the Bill of Rights and Freedoms for Canadians. His son is undermining this Bill of Rights and Freedoms by not allowing free speech and debate in the House of Commons through its elected representatives. He shadow boxes with himself and is losing. The shadow whispers to him like the slave standing behind the Roman Emperor in his chariot during the victory parade. "All is vanity". Everything your father built you are destroying. Everything your father built will turn to a handful of dust. Everything your father created will be nothing.

Chris Selley: The Gang of 19's 'surrender, then victory!' China plan is bonkers, but unsurprising

National Post

Chris Selley

Jun 25, 2020

Canadian foreign policy is far less defined by the government of the day than it is by purely situational decision-making.

A perfect example: the Gang of 19 want us to believe that releasing Meng and bringing the Michaels home would “untie Canada’s hands at a time when the Canadian government must be fully free to redefine its strategic approach to China, and take the tough steps needed to protect and advance our own interests.” First surrender, then victory! It’s bonkers. Taken together, Canada’s UN smackdown and its perennially untethered position on China, with two high-profile Canadian lives at stake, could not provide a better occasion to grab this country’s foreign policy by the scruff of the neck and give it a violent rethink.


1. Our foreign policy, if one can call it that since the only thing foreign is that it can't be found, is definitely situational. With regard to China it is up against a country that to its credit has long term goals and strategies. This means that Canada is given two choices by the foreigners (or in this case the Chinese government) . Canada either loses in the short-term or is decimated in the long term. As Selley comments the government chooses the lesser of two evils and then calls it a victory.

2. On a different matter, it is unclear to many why the government doggedly pursued a seat on the Security Council. The author has pointed out that Prime Minister Trudeau was extremely distracted by his campaign to secure votes at the beginning of February while novel coronavirus which originated in Wuhan was spreading world-wide. Finally, the seat was lost or one might say could never could have been won.

3. Foreign Minister Champagne says that he didn't want to be "distracted" by the loan he secured from the Bank of China. Prime Minister Trudeau says that he was "disappointed" by charges laid against Kovrig and Spavor. The author says that both of these responses is "downplayed" and "disingenuous" from a minority government that doesn't have a real seat in the House of Commons.

The author reiterates that Canadians not only lost a seat on the Security Council whose purpose was unknown, but have also lost most seats in the House of Commons because it doesn't really sit. In addition, Prime Minister Trudeau has not given a satisfactory answer in any speech as to why he sought a seat on the Security Council. He had a hidden agenda. In the House of Commons, free speech and debate has been suppressed which violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The government wants to do everything behind closed doors on the excuse of COVID-19 which effectively means another hidden agenda.

4. Any Gang has a leader. Who is the leader of this Gang? One might guess it to be the octogenarian ex-Prime Minister Jean Chretien who pushed a similar idea of a one to one trade. Who might support this Gang in the present government? One shouldn't be disappointed or distracted enough to imagine it may be Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.