D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi

Poems A


A Part Apart

I am here.
You are there.
We are all apart.

Separate lives.
Severed ties.
We are all apart.

Qwerty tool.
Reverse pool.
We are all apart.

Pitter patter.
Ma ma matter.
We are all apart.

Mannequin eyes.
Bearing thighs.
We are all apart.

Face-off night.
Make-up bright.
We are all apart.

Am I two?
You who.
We are all apart.


All One 

The bone is white.
The skin is yellow.
The heart is red.

The pilot is sky.
The farmer is land.
The fisher is sea.

The satellite is silicon.
The lantern is glass.
The conch is sand.

The spirit is see.
The soil is touch.
The surf is hear.

The domicile is ____________.
The domain is ____________.
The destination is ____________.


i see scene                              
my eye hurts
day's end ends
end days are
quake shakes earth

animal marks Andaman
words of dragon
croak crow cry
two horned lamb
ba bar barb

sixtieth year here
fifth stem returns
black dragon swims
black water rises
water dragon whirls

year is 2012
month is twelve
day is twenty
time is twenty-four
off-center is Meg

the fish walks
water age submerges
Red sea redder
Dead Sea deader
Eden est Ende


There is no solace
putting things as they were.
Yes, nothing is the same--
everything has changed.
Where was round of laughter,
there is silent sound.
Where was wishful welcome,
there is home come of sadness.

Her picture sits beside
stuffed pillow, mattress and head.
It is a moment unremembered--
captured by glass lens.
Where was hour of bloom,
there is fadeless flower.
Where was sweet smile,
there is riddle of enigma.

Call Too Far

Calls come
so infrequently,
so sporadically.

Telephone ring
in endless loop,
in incessant iterance.

Miss misses me
as time oppresses,
as autumn falls.

She is there
where space separates,
where worlds apart.

Words clipped
through one-way talk,
through transit delay.

Unknown location
whence defies placement,
whence wherever exists.

Time difference
that jumps her ahead,
that trails me behind.

My onely is alone
as I'm by myself,
as dual solitudes.

Disembodied voice
which slices time,
which wastes seconds.

Disconnected call
then open line,
then tear away.

                                   Cell Cycle

                   One reads down to see the other
                   as one treads up on one's own path.

                   Can't one jointly read and tread 
                   for moment that resides in eternity?

                   Here upward and there downword
                   uniting part and part though whole.



d fallow b

mountree country
roller waver
landscape scoop sculpture
unfocused unend

steep steppe terra
terraced rice rows
straw faces sprig wigs
rain flowdead pooled pond

fog bank blanket
low lie level
sun tranform foolmoon
unearthly glow show

man mound marker
tread today morrow dread
VainVaneVein tRIP VIP

ville age tomb build
the vast state
fail lure limb it less
Hittite, Hutterite

Doctor Thorne

to do so

who were there

will still swallow

though the tenantry

do honour to

Miss Mary Thorne

had had two

girl of good

and should do

down to die

die double death

mother to her

a muddy puddle

known to none

to no one

an accidental adjunct

to go to

to learn, learnt

you to do

I, for one

to sit silent

must marry money

has, or had

think that there

one more there

a fatherless, motherless

humble but umble

to be one

on the one

he had heard

on one of

a merry, sweet

so as she

so soon on

no opposition on

so to do

nothing in unison

know; now, no

will do well

whether he be

there after her

as an assertion

well; we shall

do so to

should do so

all as well

a low bow

ill at all

so would no

so low; no

day of days

no one so

on on both

may my mother

etc., etc., etc.

not out into

go not to

no one, no

the bottomless abyss

No, not so

free from fear

about that that

would do so

to you yet

he had had

who do so

heart of hearts

walked and talked

so to go

to marry well

do so too

Will not! cannot!

will choose wholly

to marry Mary

could do would

bless'ee, Miss

a little snuffle

you,  yourself, your

it if I

the doctor's door

tallied too well

do, do, go!

Pray, pray, go!

Not but what

my own one

so she stood

think the truth

then there were

nameless, fameless, portionless

had not had

as his has

to go on

though I thought

so it is

you to do

shall marry Mary

had had her

do for you

Gresham, eh—hem—

Gresham of Greshambury

anything at anybody's

but sat quiet

not but that

about that; but

that this is

much more care

with weary heart

Do come to

do so to

be doubly, trebly

on no account

still, the little

knows what's what

Wish! wish what?

do you do

                                                               Dove Tale


eye it.

White light

rights sight.

Soar fore free dove

your tale true love.

Harmonious peace abound

and Creator's handiwork renowned.

Paradise promised at rainbow's end

heralding a new beginning it sends.

Co co co colombe coded covenant

pri pri pri primary prismatic prient.

Drift on Draft

I ascend when brows rise

like hawk's wings do rise

through sky I easily arise

catching an upward draft

do waft, do lift, do drift

above shifting sands' drifts

weightlessly gliding on

feathered air on and on

do fly on high upward on. 


El Entierro de Carlos, Infante de España


De nuit dans lit, le suprême étrangle l’Infante d'Espagne.                            

C’est lorsque l'enfant de l’Allemagne n'écoute personne.          


Libros heréticos prohibidos y Judíos son exiliados.

Undeutsche Bücher werden verboten und Juden vertrieben.             


Como defensor de la fe--Felipe II--derrota ejércitos papales.      

Katholizismus bedroht den Staat und den Status des Führers.                    


Inquisidor del gusto rechaza a la Anunciación como ilusoria.                       

Blinder Künstler beurteilt die Hervorrufung als entartet.                     


Consanguinidad conduce a la mandíbulade Habsburgo.                    

Eugenischer Kreuzzug Speerspitzen arischer Herrenrasse.                 


Casco ceremonial es negro con oro damasquinado.                  

Schwarze, geschwungene Augenbrauen fliegen von hutlosen Kopf.                                          


El padre jura sacrificar a los herejes tras el posible naufragio.            

Führer besteht auf Selbstaufopferung für die Gemeinschaft.             


Armada ancla en la costa de Gravelinas en pelea del mar.        

Adler Angriff trifft auf die Britische Luftwaffe beim Luftkampf.            





El jefe de Infante se hincha y un médico realiza una trepanación.               

Die Luftwaffe Arzt arbeitet auf einer Gehirn eines bewussten KGF                                                  


Los santos ORDenados cubren los hombros del jorobado.                  

Die Glocken von Notre Dame läuten nicht für das HQ der Luftwaffe.  


El momificado Fray Diego de Alcalá se encuentra con él.                    

Ein unreinen Ritter sucht den Heiligen Gral in Monservat.                  


Con delirio y sin vista él ve al fantasma del fraile.                    

Umwandlung Blindheit von Herrn Wolf löst seine Zukunftsvision.           


El gran pez negro traga por completo al caído Carlos.                        

Verlor Heinkels bombe Freiburg, nachdem sie es umkreist haben.                                               


Treinta y dos conjuntos están dentro del conjunto de treinta y dos.                  

Die Gottlosen gewinnen Gold und verlieren ihre Seelen.         


El alma del infante del Infante se eleva hacia el cielo.                        

Zigarettenrauch steigt auf während Rauch aus den Öfen aufsteigt.  


ΙΧΘΥΣ  es desde infante a niño a hombre a anciano a fantasma.

Eva von der roten Rosen Wendeln nach unten in den Selbstmord.  

                  Ever Live Love

My hair is dishevelled: my arms are aslant.
My wide eyes sink under skin and bone.
May my grief be gone with the wind.
May my sorrow be washed away with tears.

Where are you my dearest darling?
Where are you my forever and a day?
I want to walk the world to unite with you.
I want to swim the sea to smile for you.

The wind blows cold on the barren bluffs.
So I knit you a scarf with forget-me-nots.
Let your lust kindle my fire.
Let your love sustain my flame.

Where are you my dewdrop?
Where are you my inspiration?
I thirst for you as parched earth relishes rain.
I hunger for you as darkened night needs daylight.

Twenty-four hundred years ago, I was mountain flower.
Six hundred years ago, I was fretted finger board.
You be the one to admire my beauty.
You be the one to strike my chord.

Where are you my sentimental attachment?
Where are you my other half and whole heart?
I endure duress to look for you.
I suffer silence to listen for you.

Ever Vary

star ripe

grape white

melon mellow

peach paleful

apple rusted

berry mauve

moon rise


Golden Sol

These pearly eyes number more
than grains of sand on ocean's shore.
Yet orb shines as autumnal star
like lustrous Achilleus from afar.

My Lord, Eubalaena breaches
in milky sea off heaven's beaches.
Leviathan grazes at her leisure
on krill of shrimp-size measure.

Nearchus, son of Androtimus,
behold bold killer Orcinus!
He agilely attacks the dolphin
known as Delphinus fleet-of-fin.

Do we see what there is to see
or rather what there appears to be?
I perceive three in Herakles kneeling
and another four in Aquila veering.

New moon rises while golden Sol
shows itself as eighth in dorsal.
Orca above and Eubalaena below
swim in harmonious celestial flow.

Dedicated to Astronavigator Rob Bradford

The Gossamer Lady of Stone

She visits me one more time

Not looking at me directly

Nor I her but indirectly.

She and her sisterhood

Wear the whitest of white

Which lights darkest of dark.

She is the lady of the cave

Who becomes stone tigress

Bearing six cubs out of head.


Coffee break becomes a round route.

"The usual?"

At first, I am comforted by her question.

She has remembered my preference.

As time passes though the question becomes disconcerting.

Am I that predictable?

Is she that predictable?

At least she hasn't noticed that I switch to decaf for my second cup.

In reality, I only follow a slightly more complex routine.

Shall I daringly choose the opposite seat today to face my yesterday self?

I joke with her that the seat doesn't have my name on it--yet.

I begin an intricate operation to set my calendar watch.

Of course, it is a pretense to show that I don't wile away my time.

There is nothing for me to do but to wile away my time.

I move my mug to the lip: I lower my lips to the mug.

My life is measured in coffee cups.

Drip. Drip. I become a nondescript drip.

                                                      He and 

                    He and  were more similar
                    or less unlike in comparison.    

                    He identifies with  in part
                    but on whole they're not identical.

                    He here and  there will signify
                    he'll never ever be same with .                      

                                If single part cannot make whole  
                                then part and whole are part apart.                                                           


   There will be much time to wait

   for the return of the old Huánghé

   which flows from the Bayan Har.

    As newborn, I was buried in clay pot

    molded by umbilical of coiled cord

    and fired hot by heat of firewood.

    Let my broken bones and clay shards

    be restored by the silted waters of Hé

    to vessel from clay painted as rén miàn yú. 


    Image of sun and moon reflect on pond.

    The Fèng resurrects from flames.

    The Huáng leaps in dance from water.

                         The Battles

      Bǎnquán and  Zhuōlù were won or lost.

      No one now knows where sought or fought.

      Only those dead know with certainty.  

                     To the Yán-Huáng zǐsūn   

      Fèng and huáng meet to become Fènghuáng.

      Fènghuáng leaps for joy and Dragon lifts with power.

      Vision of Yán-Huáng zǐsūn is inspirational.

                           The Estuary

        Yang stream flows above and yin below.

        The streams flow in opposite directions.

        No flow zone separates and accelerates flow.

"I am old and on the shelf now, and much that is going on I no longer understand"1. Northrop Frye 1985

1. Northrop Frye's Late Notebooks 1982-1990, Architecture of the Spiritual World, Volume 5, Notebook 27, Passage 347, Ed. Robert D. Denham, University of Toronto Press, Toronto:2000

I am old






I am old and

on the shelf now

and much that

is going on

I no longer understand

I'moldand D N A
onshelfnow no flesh own
going g new g
onIno no I on
understand erst et rest

I o n
on l no
n i o
on I no
l o n

I am old

aNd ON tHe sHelf Now

aNd mucH tHat

is gOing oN I No

lOnger uNder st[H]nd

I Am You

I build weaved web of articulated interstices
from limb to limb and line to line.

Its tensile strength is stronger than strong; yet
it is patiently hung and persistently strung.

If it's blown down then it is recreated
though it can never be the same or tame.

It is an invisible thread detected only by
shower of sunlight or wisp of wind.

Somehow it is without difficulty that
I avoid my own silky snare. 

Inescapably, my maze is all and null,
permanent change and changing permanence.

In as much as I lie in wait for others,
there are those who wait for me.

Indeed, others will become part of me as
I will become part of others--part plus part.


You cannot stop ideas.

They will go around you.

He and she will go under you.

We will go over you.

I will go through you.

Poems B