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Fushan 5

                                         How to Find Fu Shan


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Directions for Fu Shan from Xushui, Hebei


Fu Shan is located 27 km from Xushui, Hebei in a NNW direction. (Fu Shan is located 23 km from Dawu City in a NW direction).The Puhe Water Reservoir east water channel ends roughly at Yufeng Road in Xushui. On the map follow the channel in a NNW direction, cross the G5 Jin Kun Expressway, continue to follow the channel and you will arrive at the Puhe Water Reservoir. It is just east of the main mountain range.

Find the western water channel from the Puhe Water Reservoir. You will see a village just south of the bend in the western channel. The village is called Dongushanxiang or East Fu Shan village. There are actually four villages here. They have directional names. There is North (Bei or ), South (Nan or ), West (Xi or 西) and East (Dong or )  Villages. Fu Shan mountain is located about 3 kilometers SW of Nan Fu Shan Village. 

At this point switch to the satellite view at about one-half the scale. You will see the south water channel. Follow that channel in a SW direction. At the bend in the channel you will discover Fu Shan. It is a very short distance from the bend of the south water channel. 



The Yellow Emperor is in line with the Xushui Busan Sanctuary

发表时间:2010-03-03  | 来源:保定老年网 | 作者:刘瑞河

The Yellow Emperor is in line

with the Xushui Busan Sanctuary

The Seminar participants reached a consensus.

The Yellow River is the mother river of the Chinese nation. The Yellow River should be identified as the "Busan" touchstone. "Records of the Historian" records: the Yellow Emperor had led the tribes to the north along the Yellow River Basin. They lived by the mountain and water for survival. Therefore, the study of Yellow Emperor must be based on the Yellow River rather than out of the Yellow River. How can one deny that the Yellow Emperor created the history of the Chinese nation outside of the Yellow River. That is to say, to study the Yellow Emperor one must be in line with Busan. The Yellow River is the road "threshold".

What is the origin of  Xushui Busan and the Yellow River?
In 1975, the Chinese historical geographer Tan Qixiang in the "Shan Hai Jing" found that the old course of the Yellow River could be tested. The old name of the Yellow River was the Shangjing River. A flow chart showed the Yellow River flowed from  Xiaolangdi, Anyang, Handan and Goyang to the foot of the foot of Xushui, Busan where it made a sharp 90 degree turn east to Bazhou and then north to Tianjin into the sea.

After excavation of underground sandstone the old course of the Yellow River in the Xushui Busan foothills has been verified. In addition, the control of "Shan Hai Jing North by the three" shows that "Shan Jing River" on the map marked the Baoding Waterfall South Bank Xuanyuan (Huangdi title) Hill. It is now Xushui Busan.

Published: 2010-03-03 | Source: Baoding elderly Network | Author: Rui River