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Sticking to private enterprises crying out of nowhere, can not find a place to reason!


The victim is not eligible to file a complaint. Who is eligible to file a complaint? Dawu Group sued the "National Livestock Genetic Resources Committee" for the first trial...​​​​

Hebei Dawu Farming and Animal Husbandry Group Breeding Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Dawu Group) has invested more than 20 million research funds over ten years to cultivate "red feather powder shell layer chicken, feather color...

The author has been following the complaint by the Dawu Group lodged against the "National Livestock Genetic Resources Committee" for some time. It has tried to protect its patent which it developed over many years concerning the Jingbaifeng 629. Incomprehensibly,  the court ruled that the Group is not eligible to file a complaint.

In translation, Sun Dawu says that "Yang Ning, the chief scientist, had the Committe to review: Dawu Jinfeng Co., the world's first! Going back and engaging in a highly similar Beijing Fan No. 6, which is better known as China's first, and has to enter the academician. Is this not the shame of the country or the shame of the scientific community?" 

According to Sun Dawu, Professor Yang Ning was "the honorary president of the Dawu Poultry Research Institute, the leader of the Dawu Jinfeng New Variety Pilot Expert Demonstration Team, and the leader of the Dawu Jinfeng Co. On-site Examination Expert Team , In-depth understanding of the core key technologies of the midday cultivation and R&D of Golden Phoenix. In such an important position, how can I apply the core technology of Dawu Jinfeng Co. to Jingfan 6 as the first person to complete it? Does this make sense? Is this reasonable? Is this legal? "

Of course, with domestic chickens the ideal is to develop a superior strain. The Jingbaifeng 629 produced more eggs. It is therefore more superior. However, according to Sun Dawu the long standing work of the Dawu Jinfeng Unit on Jingbaifeng 629 was plagiarized by a leading agricultural scientist. One could say at best that he was lazy as he took credit and reward for the work of others. At worst, he plagiarized the scientific research achievements of a private enterprise.

Generally speaking, the management of Dawu Group is faced with a dilemma of whether to recruit new talent or promote self-cultivation. The preference of the Group is to encourage self-cultivation. In other words, it doesn't rely on the science of genetics or a university education to produce a superior cadre, but on the individual's pursuit of morality beginning with the family and imitated in the enterprise. Professor Yang Ning though was no ordinary cadre. He was a key player of the Team. He also had in-depth knowledge of the core key technologies.

It is said by Sun Dawu that there are six classes of individuals that are not easy to cultivate in an enterprise. One of these classes comprises individuals who refuse to find things out for themselves. One can perhaps include Professor Yang Ning in this class. He tried to build his reputation on the work and effort of others. He took a short cut. He took credit for what he didn't do. In Sun Dawu's words it is said that "The chicken is lazy and does not lay eggs." A lazy chicken has a short future--it becomes a broiler.


               The Jing-Jin-Ji Transportation Network

If you are a writer or reader then you may reach a point where there is a dearth or deluge of topics. The latter is the case now. I could write about the letter apparently spearheaded by Ambassador McCallum which was signed by 15 ambassadors and copied to China’s Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Public Security and the Communist Party’s international department. It concerned the detention camps in Xinjiang Province.


                       John McCallum and Wang Yi              

However, the letter was not copied to the press, so there is a lack of information to discuss. The ambassadors don't wish to discuss it. It may or may not make reference to Canada's Indian residential school system. It may or may not involve one Canadian whose name is Huseyin Celil who has been an Uyghur prisoner since 2007 before the camps were built. While Chinese officials know what was in the letter it is a fact that Canadians outside of a clique of the government do not. It's time for a leaked letter.


On the other hand, there is the possibility to write about the notification that Statistics Canada was supposed to have written to Minister Navdeep Bains who oversees them. It concerned the grim reaping of private bank data. If we are to believe Minister Bains he received no such notification and by inference may have known nothing about the proposal which was in the planning stages for one year. However, much has already been said about what Bains did know and has done on different matters such as Churchill Falls, ITF, Norsat, Huawei and Superclusters.


Some inspiration for a topic though came from reading an article in the New York Times. It concerned the construction of the Beijing-Daxing International Airport which is located in the suburbs south of Beijing. The author is able to make some comments on general transportation in the area. 

Years ago, I taught for one week in Daxing on behalf of the Ministry of Forestry located near Tsinghua University. For one who has lived in Beijing for years it seemed that Daxing was in the middle of nowhere. To a farmer though it was the center of somewhere. I enjoyed my exercise program out in the open air and fields. 


One of the particular things that I remember was a question asked by one of the teachers. By the nature of his question he had apparently read my Chinese poems. He asked about the transmutation of matter which is the main theme of my poem called in pinyin. It was suggested to him that he examine carefully the traditional character 無 because the universe can be found in a grain of sand. However, with the construction and near completion of the airport it is apparent that both farmers and summer school students will have to move farther afield in their pursuits. 

In this short report, I will concentrate on transportation to Dawu City from the new airport. But, before I begin, it is necessary to describe the old way. After arriving at Beijing Capital Airport in the north after a long plane ride I had to take a bus to Dawu City. It was a three hour ride to Baoding which is actually south of Dawu City. Then it required an hour taxi ride north to Xushui and finally to Dawu City. This inspired a poem called Two Steps Back One Forth.                    
                           I go to travel south,
                           but to go to south
                           I must go to north
                           or sìshíyi li, too, to north.

                           Distance is doubled.
                           Time is doubled.

                           Then, I proceed south,
                           but pass mark in south,
                           so I must go to north
                           or sìshíyi li, too, to north.

                           Distance is tripled.
                           Time is tripled.

                           It sucks me to its mouth.
                           It spits me from its mouth.                        
                           Two steps back one forth.
                           Two steps back one forth.

Beijing-Daxing International Airport will cut out all the traffic through Beijing. One will begin in the suburbs 45 kilometers south of Beijing. This also will shorten the distance to Xushui. One can proceed south on either G107 or G4. G107 is the faster and one can complete one's journey to Xushui in about one hour twenty minutes by bus. 


Of course, if you are our Minister of Agriculture you had no reason to visit Dawu City on your last trade trip. You are not interested in one of the fastest growing and largest agriculture enterprises called Dawu Group. You have no interest in a people-run farm enterprise with democratic elections every two years. You have no interest in primary, secondary and tertiary industries associated with Dawu Group. You probably know nothing about the Private Enterprise Constitutional System developed in 2004. It allows for a family-run farm to survive and prosper with few subsidies and without aberrant and abhorrent, non-free trade, Supply Management.

The new airport which will open next September will be one of the keys to developing the "Jing-Jin-Ji" economic development plan. This plan has three nodes or Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Shijiazhuang). The development hub for this triangle will be the state-run Xiong'an New Area (雄安新区). It will rival the development in the Pearl River and Yangzte River Deltas in the South. As mentioned earlier, one can take either G107 or G4 which go southeast in parallel down to Xushui and then one can go on to Dawu City a short distance away. It is then just a short hop, skip and jump eastward to the Xiong'an New Area. 


                          Xiong'an New Area

The more direct southerly route to Xiong'An New Area is road G45; although there is a short westward trip on G18 and then South. It should be noted though that G18 highway goes west-east through Xushui. This means that one can proceed east from Xushui and arrive shortly at the Xiong'an New Area. The importance of Dawu City will be enhanced both by its proximity and easy access to G107 and G4 roads, but also those advantages as offered by the G18 west-east road. G18 will offer access from Dawu City to the heart of the Xiong'an New Area in about 45 minutes. It is just 50 km to Xiongxian. 

To put it another way Dawu City (Xushui) is located very close to Xiong'an New Area; whereas, China's newest, biggest hatchery is at Handan, Hebei. The city of Handan is 3 hours 39 minutes (358 km) south of Xiongxian. The Handan factories are out of the loop concerning a connection to the Xiong'an New Area. 


 Yixian Dawu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Company

To be slightly more accurate, Dawu Group hatchery is in remote Yixian; whereas, Huayu's is in a small village 60 miles west of Handan. At any rate, the farmers from Iowa got to Handan in 2014 before Canadian conservative negotiators. They might also get to Dawu City before Canadian Liberal negotiators might consider going there. If the Iowans have the persistence and perspicuity to be the first to go to Dawu Group then good for them. They know that 10% of the land of the Xiong'an New Area will be slated for agriculture and Dawu Group could be the key to opening the door.


If you are in Dawu City which is also a tourist center then you will want to take time-out to visit The Underground Great Wall which ends roughly at Xushui. The ancient war passages are about 65 kilometers from east (beginning in Yongqing) to west and 25 kilometers from north to south. They extend through 1,600 square kilometers. The passages were used during the Song and Liao Dynasties. 

D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi